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    This is the Yahoo! Message Board about Reddy Ice Group Inc. (NYSE: FRZ), where you can discuss the future prospects of the company and share information about it with others. This board is not connected in any way with the company, and any messages are solely the opinion and responsibility of the poster.

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    • Looks like the ol' boys at Packaged ice - Reddy - Mission ice, whatever they call themselves today, are up to the same old game. RULE 1 You can't consolidate the ice buisness - might do it in a region or a state, but not nationally, business requires extreme control and customer relationships are critical. RULE 2 Local guys will always beat your brains out - Customer service and customer relations - These guys at Reddy cut prices every time they lose a store - price is always secondary to good service (which they can't even buy) RULE 3 A bag of ice is a bag of ice it doesn't matter what shape it comes in when the themometer hit 100 deg. for about 10 days in a row. People still drink more water out of the tap than out of pretty little plastic bottles - The clean water pitch won't work when you've been out of ice 3 days and the handy dandy auto bagger has been down a month. (by the way handy dandy auto bagger doesn't check for boil orders or e-coli outbreaks) RULE 4 When the buisness is in trouble you cut pay at the top, until the problem is fixed. These guys should be working for free until they show a profit. RULE 5 Have enough sense to know when something isn't working, and enough guts to do something about it!

    • What about -.84(EPS) and -95.95 (Leavered Free Cash Flow) do you not get? FRZ went 18 mill. farther in the hole this year (which is a pretty BIG hole concidering that they are 500 mill. in it) Now they pay them selves more money for a job well done???? It's thinking like that that brought Enron to where they are today. Beth was the only one which has showed any sign of intelligence and that was when she realized it was time to abandon ship!

    • BTW, I've never known anyone to do well shorting high paying dividend stocks except the lying campaign carried on against ACAS a few years ago and NFI recently.FRZ does not look like a good short to me.

    • Won't break $20, pull up, pull up.

    • I'm not a liar, but I am short on this DOG! Short last time around made a little money. Stand to make a little more on this loser this time.

    • I've seen nothing to suggest the dividend is not well covered. Anybody have any evidence whatsoever or do we have grumbling employees here? Worse yet, do we have any lying shorts here?

    • Wow, our very own message board. I saw no discussion regarding projected dividends for 2006 in the earnings release. Are we still at $1.53?