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  • troutwilleatflies troutwilleatflies Feb 16, 2002 8:46 AM Flag


    Just curious,are there any happy BMC employees out there?Is there any positive news to be heard?


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    • Norrrrrmmmmmm get a sense of humor......

    • Think it's time to move on. Your posts are going from loony to loonier.

    • Actually, if given a choice, I'd rather be shot by one of the guns on your gunrack.....or does the confederate flag prevent easy access to them???

    • can it with the typical Texan crappola buddy...
      if you dont...i am gonna run you over with my pickup truck...

    • I agree with you about CA, I always used to wince when BMC management used to say how wonderful we were compared to them. Sure I have no deep desire to work for CA, as their bad treatment of employees is ledgendary in the industry. I remember being having lunch with a customer once when I was in the midst of a sales opportunity, and he told me that negotiating with BMC reminded him of CA, as their licensing practices were very similar. It also seemed very strange to me how every new licensing model was always a response to either CA or IBM, never a competitive initiative by BMC. I've had co-workers who worked at BMC tell me about all the shenanigans that took place at CA, but after a few months at BMC they saw the same stuff (although with a much lower frequency) occur. It's funny how in the latest report BMC management went out of their way to mention competitive wins yet again. My thinking is EVERY new business deal is a competitive win, and EVERY company will have a few, the key is the win/loss ratio. Of course that number doesn't exist as no sales rep will EVER admit to a loss.....

    • BMC? Only has 2 (potentially) world-class products, Control-M and Patrol. And only Patrol has a 'branding'.

      Not enough to sustain:

      5,000 employees and an Ego and Sycophant hierarchy that is on a par with an Investment Bank in the Gecko era.

      A monolithic infrastructure awash with a 'buddy system' and the 'Mainframe is Back' mindset hoping the commensurate revenues and easy-times is also back. Not so, hence the shocking (to some) quarterly report pragmatism, etc.

      The arrogance within many areas of this company is shocking even by 1980's standards.

      CA is image-wise bad but sharper than BMC will ever be in raw business terms; I cannot abide CA but respect their acumen in business - BMC has no such positive.

      Acquisition or fragmentation is imminent. This fiscal close will signify the end of current structure, thankfully. Is no longer sustainable a model.

      Wake up.

    • BTW CA's license revenues are up and overall revenues relatively stable.....explain that one genius.....

    • Bah, a little trimming, defined as streamlining?? If BMC is such a slick operating machine and its only the economy, how come NetIQ has managed to increase its lic. revenue 66% while BMC's has dropped by 33%??? Your views are typical of BMC management, everything will be ok, it's not our fault, just the economy. Sounds like "Enronitis" is spreading to management as well. BTW I still keep in touch with my former colleagues at BMC and I hear little has changed, other then all the empty offices that is.....if you think BMC is doing so well or as well as it's competitors, do a little research and show us some numbers...instead of shooting off at the mouth like a typical Texan......

    • YES!! There are happy BMC employees out there. Despite the general tone of this message board my observation is that the vast majority of BMC employees are thrilled to be with a great company that treats it employees well and with respect. There is no shortage of head hunters out there attempting to place BMC people so if you wanted to leave it looks pretty easy to do to me.

      As to the company's financial performance this last year plus? Admitedly its been shitty. BMC has lots of company both other tech companies and our customers that have had a bad year or so. If we tread water in bad years while continueing to invest and come out with new and exciting products as we have done this year I think that is OK. When the economy improves, and I can tell it is, there is going to be pent up demand for BMC's products.

      As a bag carrying salesman for BMC I've personally had three seriously down quarters. Not speaking for anyone but me, I will or have allready closed enough that I will not just meet but blow past quota.

      Its a great time to be at BMC!