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  • veryhonestguy2003 veryhonestguy2003 Aug 23, 2003 11:00 PM Flag

    Most of the layoff people

    found employment within 4 weeks. I know a guy who got laid-off , and landed a job 2 weeks later. He got a huge serverance package from BMC and he is now taking a tour before starting the new job.

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    • Tibor,

      Re your msg...Don't worry, the psychological breakpoint for the screwed up management team will be when Bob B drives them under $1B in sales - this FY maybe. At this point that cat has no one to blame and no where to hide. BMC has been notoriously greedy in negotiating so buyers will be reluctant unless it is a deal. Might have been before the current CEO fucked up their once impeccible reputation and blindly loyal employees. This will be over in less than 2-3 quarters and Bob will have some interesting questions to answer on his interviews. That is if he has the no pride and can work anywhere after this performance. The Hannibal Lectern of the ISV world.

      The institutional investors and employees will undo this mgt team and they will be the most suprised when it happens. They think they are accountable to no one and can make new shit up to cover up the old shit. Sorry you missed the shareholders meeting, it was a joke. These guys can't even fucking forecast after 23 years in business and Bob came from fucking sales, supposedly. I am dumping all at $21 like a fucking bad habit to maintain my serenity. Hope you do similarly! ;-)

    • Please help guys! I used to follow BMC, and it was a great company for the Customers, Employees, adn Investors. Is it all management fault, or market conditions are vastly changed, so managment had no other course but to conduct RIF for the short term. Is it possible that the company had an unrecoverable brain drain?

    • Not true. I know several people from the various layoffs that are either still looking for a job or are working for a lot less (and still looking for a job).

    • I don't know how you know this but they are all gone, who cares? What matters is the stock price. What we need is for the CEO (Bob Beechamp?) or whoever the idiots are that are running this company to get new jobs in 4 weeks with their big fat severance packages.

      And from this msg board they are bigger and fatter than the employees and for failing! This is going from a hated stock to a hated company no matter how you look at it. I have old stock I am upside down on. CHANGE SOMETHING YOU IDIOTS AND FOR THE BETTER OR DO THE RIGHT THING AND F&*KING LEAVE!!!

      Liquidity events are for investors and a comp component for management (for performance), not the other way around. What did you ass*&oles ever invest, when you exercised your freekin' options. I rode on an airplane with one of your employees and they still love they still love their customers but hate their management, which was actually encouraging because that is fixable.

    • It would be interesting to know how someone could know that most of 1300 people laid off found work within 4 weeks, seems impossible. This sounds like a sound bite put out by BMC sr mgt. I do hope you are right, but doubt it. The one guy in two weeks was looking already I suspect.

      If you are correct veryhonestguy, then the people BMC let go are so the best of the best and they rebounded that fast and they are truly eating their brains. Another great strategic BMC move. Still wondering why to hold than a flip.

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      • I agree, this is a pure BS..
        No one in BMC management can, or even have the least interest to keep track of all employees that were laid off globally.. Once you cleared your rooms of your personal belonging and cached your severance check you are as important as last year's snow.

        I guess that there were some that found immediately after they were laid off, but I assume that the vast majority are still loitering around looking for jobs. It is all matter of luck and personal connections.
        Besides, from the people I know in BMC there are very few that I can say that they are "that good" that they'll be immediately taken by other companies once they are on the market.
        The really good ones didn't have to wait for the big layoff waves to leave. They left long time ago in the age, and in the earley days when the company started to be unstable.
        If you are good that recruiters will find you even in these tough days.