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  • yahoo yahoo Jul 18, 2006 2:23 PM Flag

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    • The French will always hate Yanks and Brits for liberating them not once but twice from the raging invading Nazi hordes. Never a third time, for sure.

    • I hear they�re trying to blame their government for the terrible heat wave. I knew the French thought the world revolved around them, but the weather, too??

    • French W(h)ine exports are always high.

    • How�s the tourist business in France doing?
      New high in wine exports this year I hear.

    • you're all right : if his wife wants some style, she is better off in Paris - France, place of excellence.
      And also a place where people never believed the WMD fiasco !!!
      Fair play to them.

    • Yeah, it�s pretty damn revolting, I agree, but you know, if they weren�t giving him the $146K jet perk, the Board would be looking for some other way to ensure that dear Bobby is properly compensated for all the fine work he�s doing for BMC.

      The really sad thing is that whether it�s Bobby flying around to �impress� customers or �inspire� the international employees, or his wife jetting off to get her legs waxed in Paris, the end result is still going to be the same: Absolutely no benefit whatsoever to BMC.

    • I think that you all missed the point about the Jet.
      He could ALWAYS use the company jet for business purpose (visiting customers, flying CxO level customers, flying to BMC Europe, etc..).The same for some of the Senior VP's. This no news, it has been like that since ever, and this is why the corporate jet is there.

      The article says that now he gets the jet *FOR HIS PERSONAL USE*!!!
      Read it again, *FOR HIS PERSONAL USE*. This is the point.

      This is a PERK/BONUS/PART OF HIS COMPENSATION that worth $146,000.
      It means that if his wife wants hairstyling or shopping in Paris, she can use this jet.
      If he wants a fresh Sushi for his dinner he can send the pilot to Tokyo to bring it over in an ice Box..
      Or if he just want to go somewhere for fun he can use this jet.

      Do you understand the difference now????

    • So, what�s the plan with the jet then? Is the Chumpy-Chimp going to swoop in like f�ing Batman in the Batplane to help close the million-dollar deals? Does he really think he�s going to impress customers that way? It�s going to make him look wasteful and foolish instead. If he really wants to impress everybody, he should fly commercial coach and deal with airport hell like the rest of us. Hey, Chumpy! Why don�t you show that you�re a REAL team player and nix the jet(s), huh�? Didn�t think so�.

    • I just know. also know the 2nd plane cost 2.5 million plus 1 million maintenance plus operating costs.

    • The problem is that the project is NOT complete yet. If BMC still wants to deliever it in October, they need some one who is not familiar with this project to continue the work. To get the hands on, the new developer assigned to this project will need to spend much more time on it (= MORE MONEY needs to be spent). This makes absolutely no sense!

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