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  • davidshedivy davidshedivy Dec 22, 2012 12:37 PM Flag

    yikes.....this company IS a randal kirk joint

    why would a company let a board member get so much control of the company, it defies the INDEPENDENT BOARD MEMBER notion that we often rely on in investing, kirk is kind of a strange bird, a country lawyer having little success making friends at his alma maters radford and uva, his presence on this board now suggests as much of a threat, as a benefit, since he may or may not hang tough

    i wonder how much pressure he's putting on the board to get little self-promoting deals like that with pfizer, that are OVERHYPED to retail investors - $507mm in royalties, lol, rrriiiiggghhhhtttt

    bottom line, it makes halo look risky and the other institutions probably arent gonna like that, plus when kirk pulls out, the stock is toast

    so the big deal here is that 'the platform' allows a doctor to deliver a bigger shot, rather than use an IV, sounds like a potential waste of medicine, and poorer delivery overall, i mean dont we have patches for that sort of thing?

    as for the financials, they have squandered 500mm$ or so and have little to show for it as they are still bleeding red ink at a $50mm a year clip, not to mention $36MM in deferred debt and $20mm in payables, so the cash isnt impressive

    it's hard to guage the extent of the shenanigans, but yer bettin on kirk and a fuzzy future, my guess is kirk bought 750k shares after the stock took a big hit, and now he's trying to bail himself out, wondering what the heck he got himself into

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    • Dude, it took REGN over 15 years to truly hit its stride, that's the nature of the beast in biotech. Oh and Kirk has much more than 750K in shares to worry about. Aside from his personal direct and indirect holdings in HALO which are in the millions, his Third Security investment fund owns over 19 million shares in HALO, check out its latest 13F-HR form on Edgar. Nothing is a guarantee with biotech, but self-made billionaires don't 'roll the dice' with hundreds of millions of dollars, they take very calculated risks because they know how really difficult it is to make money! I worked for a self-made billionaire many years ago and the one thing I soon discovered about this person was that he didn't even roll the dice with a 100K dollar investment, never mind a 100 million dollar one!

    • soho_riots Dec 22, 2012 8:39 PM Flag

      HALO's technology does not have a "poorer delivery overall." It is a better delivery in terms of ease of use, length of time, and response rates. Look at the MabThera data. The CR rate was highly in favor of the MabThera/rHuPH20 arm.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Do us all a favor and short the stock. It's ok. You are just noise and writing nonsense. But please--short this stock. It just makes the move up that much more exciting and accelerated.

      You have to enjoy these types that see an announcement then make up a story. I gues the video games is not enough to keep them occupied.

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      • bet the farm genius, you know best.......dont ya? it seems like pfizer threw them a bone, no details whatsoever.........maybe they want to SIC (study, improve, circumvent) the patent, welcome to the real world isnt keen on making small companies rich

        “What this does is just expand the universe of when people think about how this technology can be used for biologics,” Gregory Frost, Halozyme’s chief executive officer, said in an interview.

        is english his first langauge?

      • He has a point and HALO's rep is not great...... GLTA short or long. I am hoolding my $7.50 PUTS until $2.00-$2.10 next week when HALO gets back to $5.90

    • True, a transdermal is much preferred to an IV. This pop may extend into early x-mas eve but $5.90's by mid morning or Wednsday....... I hold and will buy more $7.50 PUTS.......

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