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  • fezziwig2008 fezziwig2008 Apr 4, 2014 10:42 AM Flag

    Hyal. blocks Antithrombin so it helps clot- PegpH20 depletes Hyal. SO it should block Clots- Data Doesn't Jibe

    Research article
    Inhibition of antithrombin by hyaluronic acid may be involved in
    the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis
    Xiaotian Chang1

    Thrombin is a key factor in the stimulation of fibrin deposition,
    angiogenesis, proinflammatory processes, and proliferation of
    fibroblast-like cells. Abnormalities in these processes are
    primary features of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in synovial tissues.
    Tissue destruction in joints causes the accumulation of large
    quantities of free hyaluronic acid (HA) in RA synovial fluid. The
    present study was conducted to investigate the effects of HA
    and several other glycosaminoglycans on antithrombin, a
    plasma inhibitor of thrombin. Various glycosaminoglycans,
    including HA, chondroitin sulfate, keratan sulfate, heparin, and
    heparan, were incubated with human antithrombin III in vitro. The
    residual activity of antithrombin was determined using a
    thrombin-specific chromogenic assay. HA concentrations
    ranging from 250 to 1000 μg/ml significantly blocked the ability
    of antithrombin to inhibit thrombin in the presence of Ca2+ or
    Fe3+, and chondroitin A, B and C also reduced this ability under
    the same conditions but to a lesser extent. Our study suggests
    that the high concentration of free HA in RA synovium may block
    antithrombin locally, thereby deregulating thrombin activity to
    drive the pathogenic process of RA under physiological
    conditions. The study also helps to explain why RA occurs and
    develops in joint tissue, because the inflamed RA synovium is
    uniquely rich in free HA along with extracellular matrix
    degeneration. Our findings are consistent with those of others
    regarding increased coagulation activity in RA synovium

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    • If this turns out to be a significant safety issue, could they try again vs. pancreatic cancer with a different regimen or use an anticlotting drug concurrently? The world needs a treatment for pancreatic cancer.

      Congrats to those who bought below 8. I have made a ton of money (with some luck) on this stock, buying before the original Roche partnership, selling, buying after the end of the Viropharma partnership, selling after that bounce, and then adding significantly in the 7s, selling half at 17 or so. Holding firm today.

      My general thesis on this stock has been that HALO offers one of the very best new drug delivery technologies for biologics. Half of new big Pharma R&D is currently going into Biologics.


      (Edward Roche, President Freedom Mountain Investments, former Director Science and Technology, Johnson & Johnson)

    • Wrong. Christ, this is so wrong it's embarrassing.

      That would only be the case if the patients presented with clots pre-treatment that were CAUSED by HA. They're obviously not seeing as the patients came in and saw an INCREASE in clots post-treatment. What was the variable changed from pre- to post-treatment? Very good Fezzy, the introduction of Peg dosing!

      Understand how to analyze proper causality. Clots occur for a variety of reasons, one of them appearing to be exacerbated by Peg treatment.

      Hurry Fezz, pump pump pump away!

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