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  • dmettler1 dmettler1 Nov 17, 2010 5:54 PM Flag

    Director Dennis Chantland buys 10K shares

    Form 4 Filed this morning by Director Dennis Chantland. He bought another 10K shares at $5.2 yesterday. This brings his total purchases to 20K shares.

    Nice to see insiders buying here.

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    • We lost some ground at close and the volume was not spectacular, we might be stuck in a range for a week or two more. However, the market may start another push to new highs until the end of the year and that may break us into the next range as investors start looking for companies that lag but are not an extreme risk.

    • No I have a very strict personal policy about selling at losses. When I've been buying more I increase the position buy a larger and larger number of shares, but I still bought the majority of what I have in the high 6's. Don't worry, I'll catch up.

    • You should not look at average cost only. Look at where you bought your lowest shares or latest shares. If you bought 1000 at $5.08 and another 1000 at $5.22 and the rest at $6.02, you would only move your overall cost basis up a few cents by taking profits on the shares sold at the lower number. Thus, you could sell the 2000 shares at $5.65 for $1000 gain and only raise your basis on the rest of the shares slightly. If PACR retreats again, you can reload the 2k shares. If it does not retreat, then you still are recovering on the rest of your shares.

      I don't want to get into the first in first out thing. Just look at it as using 2000 shares as trading shares to make some money with PACR while you wait for it to break through $6.00.

      Just trying to help you make some money while you are upside down on this thing.

      I was in serious pain at $5.00, but have sold a couple of times to make money on some shares as this thing trades between $5 and $6. You should do the same, especially if you bought shares close to $5.00. Good luck!

    • My average cost is $5.98. It doesn't make sense for me to sell for less than that. I will happily buy more when it's lower though.

    • CD

      You should consider selling a small portion of your PACR when it moves up a certain percentage.

      As an example, lets say you have 10000 shares (8000 you bought at $6 and 2000 you bought at $5.20.) When stock moves up like it did the past two days, sell the 2000 for a nice profit (lets say $800). If stock pulls back, you can reload those 2k shares and not feel like you are not getting ahead.

      I just sold 10% of mine to lock in about $1000 and still have enough to be happy if it takes off. If it pulls back to low $5s, I can reload those shares.

      You should always take some profits on the way up because you never know when the stock will retreat.

    • That is exactly why I can't get myself to sell each time we get close to $6. I just wait for the down days and add what I can. I don't want to miss the day we go back to $9+

    • I'd be a little more excited if he actually owned more shares than me. :-(

      At least he is buying at these levels.