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  • investora2z investora2z Sep 21, 2013 7:17 AM Flag

    Article on Trefis

    An article on Trefis mentions the QuSomes technology of Biozone as a promising technique for drug delivery which may subsequently be used for cancer therapy also. The QuSomes drug delivery technology overcomes the disadvantages of other liposomal delivery techniques. The traditional techniques are more costly and time consuming. The article is in connection with the licensing deal between Roche and Inovio to develop vaccines designed to treat prostate cancer. The treatment method and the drug delivery technology are important to ensure that the treatment affects only the cancer cells so that there are less side effects. A more well directed treatment can have a proprietary effect in preventing return of the tumors. The DNA vaccination technique of Inovio is supported by its electroporation drug delivery technology. The article mentions the electroporation drug delivery technique of Inovio may face competition from QuSomes. The Qusomes (liposomal delivery) can be an alternative to electroporation because the technique can increase the efficacy of certain drugs in treating cancer. Liposomes are essentially a fatty layer that encapsulates the drug in question thereby reducing the systemic decomposition of the drug and increasing its bio-availability. The cost of producing liposomal drugs can be high and time consuming, but the QuSomes technique is believed to take care of the disadvantages. The name QuSomes is a contraction for “quick liposomes”, and refers to the instant formation of a liposome upon introduction to water. Qusomes have not been applied to cancer therapeutics till now, but may ultimately find place there as the tests on other drugs being conducted by OPKO Health (OPK) progress. If QuSomes technology is proven to be effective in the administration of drugs such as Propofol, it could dramatically enhance the possibilities with liposomal delivery. This could make its application to cancer therapy more effective and less time consuming.