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  • investora2z investora2z Oct 26, 2013 9:34 AM Flag

    Good couple of months

    The stock has done well over the past few months, and the volumes have been high. There has been a lot of volatility, but the general trend since last couple of months has been up. The movement is more related to the prospects of the company, especially related to the QuSomes drug delivery technology. The contract manufacturing wing of the company is also expected to do better in the future, especially after the investment by MusclePharm (MSLP). Several analysts have expressed positive sentiments about the company. Analysts consider the company unique because not only does it have a high potential technology under development / testing, it also has a running business which provides it cash flow. MusclePharm is a $100 million company, and if it shifts a portion of its production to Biozone, then that can significantly add to the topline. Dr. Frost has faith in the QuSomes , and the confidence could be due to the results got by Opko Health (OPK) during the testing of the technology. The faith is proven by the fact that he got MusclePharm to invest in Biozone specifically to gain access to the technology. QuSomes are believed to help in reducing manufacturing costs and increase the solubility of drugs. The efficacy of drugs increases at lower doses, leading to lower treatment costs and lesser side effects. So the prospects look good, because any pharma manufacturer would like to own such a technology or at least use it through Biozone's contract manufacturing facilities. The cash position of the company is good, and it may get a bonus by way of some pro-rata dividend from liquidation of BetaZone Laboratories, a company that engages in the development, sale and licensing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in Latin America. Biozone owns 45% of that company. The exact amount will be reflected in future earnings.

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