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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Oct 1, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    Have You Gotten "The Letter" Yet? Read On...

    I got my "letter" early last week.

    It informed me that my Health Insurance premium was going to DOUBLE with Obama's Health Law.

    But that wasn't all. Although the "coverage" was the same as my old policy, both the deductables AND the annual out-of-pocket were substantially raised.

    Once I accounted for all of that, an "apples-to-apples" comparison revealed that my health insurance costs had actully TRIPPLED!

    Un-believable! The "Affordable Care Act" is actually horribly, horribly UN-AFFORDABLE for middle-class people like me.

    I say, shut the danm government DOWN, Virginia... shut it ALL down!

    The crisis here isn't the government shutdown... it's what Obamacare is revealing itself to actually BE, now that it's fully kicking in... and kicking our buetts in the process.

    It's going to take 15,000 new IRS agents to force us all to buy this expensive new health insurance, and if we DON'T buy it, they'll treat us all just like tax cheats and fine us up the ying-yang.

    "Big Brother", is the side of this shutdown issue that's refusing to negotiate. They think you LIKE this horrible new healthcare law...

    ... the "Affordable (sic) Care Act".

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