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  • tonce6161 tonce6161 Jun 16, 2011 1:53 PM Flag

    What gives? The market makers are

    bidding $0.075 and asking %0.10 per share and the stock trades 200 shares @ $0.06??? Can anyone explain it.

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    • BLFS: BioLife Solutions;

      @ 6 Cents; and Estimated For Sale Position of 10M; Per Equity, with Cash Flow Change of (136K) Isolated; Cash is almost nonexistent.

      Report Category, Notes, Report, Price, , Metric, , Weight, , Primary Weight Adj Trading Metric, ,Year / Desig, DAY; Weight Adj Price.

      20. Accumulated Deficit: (52) ,M 10-K. 0.06 , (0.0803) , 1.33 , (0.1071) ,June-24, 0.08

      21.Cash Reduction per CF Statement: (0.136) ,M Cash Change (136K): 0.06 , (30.741) , 1.33 , (40.99) ,June-24, 0.08

      22. Paid in Equity, 43 ,M 10-K. 0.06 , 0.10 , 1.33 , 0.1308 ,June-24, 0.08

      23. Other Equity, 0.00 ,M 10-K. 0.06 , 0.00 , 1.33 , 0 ,June-24, 0.08

      24. Common Stock Amount, 0.07 ,M 10-K. 0.06 , 60 , 1.33 , 80 ,June-24, 0.08

      Sum Trading At: ,Primary Metric per Equity / Cash Flow Line Item.: ($9.548,912) M, 29.3 ,Metric Weighted per Price Range / Change, 6.66_4_304 ,Combined Weight Adj Trade Metric, 38.99_22 ,for -($1.4)M Market Cap, for, (0.02) off .08;

      Forward Estimate:

      Equity $$MM: (10)
      MinRetGrowth: 0.09
      MinRetInv: 0.05
      Weighted Cost of Capital: 81.785%
      Estimated Local Continuing Value, Buyout in $$M: 10.607
      Estimated Factor NOT LOCAL in $$M: 0.200136
      Estimated ContinuingValue: Annual Sales / Top Line Revenue, Desired / Avg per Buyer$$M: 2.122749
      Est Buyout Price : 0.1403_53
      0.03, ,Annual Sales Factor Forward.
      4.607_12_22, ,Price To.
      4.498 Year Turnover Period;
      Year End 2010 Sales 2M;

      Current Range: .06 to .10 [+ or -]

      Quote:Enter BLFS and Get Info @

      Founded in 1998, with the initial development of its intellectual property base in 1992, BioLife Solutions develops, manufactures, and markets patented hypothermic storage/transport and cryopreservation (freeze) products for cells, tissues, and organs, and also performs contract media manufacturing and contract research and development.
      The Company's proprietary HypoThermosol and CryoStor platform of biopreservation products are marketed to academic research institutions, hospitals, and commercial companies involved in cell therapy, tissue engineering, cord blood banking, drug discovery, and toxicology testing.
      BioLife's GMP products are serum-free and protein-free, fully defined, and pre-formulated to reduce preservation-induced, delayed-onset cell damage and death.



      I like the company; Looking for 3.75 to 4.75 Cents with Volume...[10Q Equity @ (10.100405M)
      and there could be a merger or acquirer transaction;ie;Still Trade As BLFS;
      [Speculation per buyout, but Private Equity Buyouts have been doing rather well lately with companies such as BLFS;]

      2006:_14.75 Cents;

      Do not own Shares; Review the Company;

    • so thinly traded you have to use limits or get screwed. if someone bought 100k shares at market they might drive it up to .50 briefly. i've been watching this one, interesting play but may require stem cell companies to be successful before it can really grow? what do you think?

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      • I believe you are correct. The company will grow as the stem cell, cord blood and bio-tech industries grow. BLFS seems to have the best products for freezing, storing and transporting cells, tissue and organs. I look for the company to grow and eventually will be bought out by a larger company such as Life Technologies. Buy and be patient.

1.75-0.05(-2.78%)Feb 9 2:47 PMEST