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  • marquetteman92 marquetteman92 Jul 8, 2010 3:54 PM Flag

    July $65 Puts

    Anybody on this board in July $65 puts? I subscribe to John Lansing Parabolic Options and this was one of their recommendations. That have 25 open positions mostly all put positions expiring next week and all positions are down severely. Is anybody on this board a subscriber to this service and if so are you as frustrated as I am? Thanks in advance for feedback.

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    • July is gone.
      You loser.
      Why you still post this?
      You Moron.

    • reborn, what r your thoughts on shorting IYR, QQQQ, SMH ? Is this guy John Lancing for real with his shorts?

    • you are deep in the water, little guys.
      Big boys keep buying.
      You lose.

    • You all losers.
      Big guys are buying.

    • Do u even believe the parabolic loser John Lancing has the nerve to put this out? He just realizes that positions may not work on expiration day, the positions are not even trading .... what an idiot!

      I think he's got a drug/drinking problem, BIGTIME!

      Expiration day is upon us and, unfortunately, it appears that our current positions are unlikely to work. However, at this point, let's stand pat, as I want to see what this morning brings because we may get an opportunity to eek out some of our original capital.

    • I wrote those puts off.At this point the price is pretty much 0 anyway.I still think that his technical analysis is good but the timing was off.we should have go with August or Sept puts.This market is tricky and unpredictable with herding mentality.All is up or down no matter of the stock value or PE.
      Global economy is in toilet and nobody cares.If you think the Europe garbage is over keep on dreaming.The worse is yet to come once we all know how they are cheating and cooking the books again.I visited China last year,everybody should so you would understand all the hype.It is at best medieval/communist country where human life means nothing and if you drop that they celebrate ,one less neck to feed.
      If this is how the new world leader looks like God help us all.Good luck on your next play.

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      • John Lancing update ....

        Today we are seeing a tripple wammy in the charts, easy to see as ABC, and in the next 24 hours something special is going to happen, the sun should be aligned with the moon and stars and you are now guaranteed that your July Puts have a zero value.

        Does this bozo John Lancing realize how stupid he sounds and how inaccurate his info is? He was the only service pumping puts in the June / July timeframe?

        How does this clown stay in business? How can he advertise a porfolio up over 100% and money doublers every week with the losses he provides, sounds like tons of lies to me!

        I am down over 40K in my porfolio, and it took me over 6 months to get there on my own. It took John Lancing less than 2 months to give it all back.

        JOHN LANCING IS A TOTAL LOOSER with me and my porfotlio right behind him with $40K of losses!

        Traders Beware of JOHN LANCING Option Picks, you will lose big!

        John Lancing is the bozo of options!

    • I just started a subscription to the service. He has me burried over $30K in options that are all red. I have purchased well below his rec, doubled down on most and all I am showing is red in my account. I was wondering if he is holding his charts upside down? With less than a week to expiration, unless he knows something I do not, I am burried. His advertisement should be for every money doubler, you get 5-10 money lossers! LOL!

      PS: I am $30K in the hole and should not be laughing .... OUCH!

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      • Simply put .. if every one of his options (all puts) were played as calls, you would have had a great payday! It will be interesting to see his suggested option plays over the next few days. I'll bet every one of them is a put as he has touted a crash for months.

        Maybe the way to play him is just be a contrarian to all his recs???? Or, was he just too early?

        Does anyone have a service they use that they have had great success with or are they all just ways for the publishers to make $$$?

      • I this makes you feel any better I'm also with John LANSING AND DOWN 30k ON THOSE puts.At this point I know his original call was correct but the timing is killing us. Some of these stocks are a total joke like open at PE 150 haha,or VNO at PE 198/What??/ I will hold till the end I think today the NASDAQ DID NOT WANT TOM PARTICIPATE on the way up and will go down.This is nothing but short sqeeze for the weak souls,Don't follow the herd.Good luck.

      • Almost as bad is this guy does not send out any alerts today explaining positions or what is going on and that is very frustrating.

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