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  • hitofly60 hitofly60 Nov 24, 2008 11:32 AM Flag

    What's With

    This company? I bought this unfortunately thinking this was a stable company with a div. and a good balance sheet. I didn't know they were going to buy a freaking debt ridden company. Why did they do it?
    Do you people think when and if the economy turns it will end up a good deal? Please no shorts your all to obvious

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    • pennyparadise Dec 1, 2008 8:11 AM Flag

      Guess they did me a favor when they downsized me in 1997. I rolled over 100% of my LESOP and sold it at around $60/share. May God have mercy on those "lucky" folks who still work there.

    • disgruntled_ash_investor disgruntled_ash_investor Nov 25, 2008 8:47 AM Flag

      I'll agree to the part about you being sorry. Face it, if the company was as good as you think, then put in as much as an investment as you feel comfortable with. But as you click on the buy button, think about this, why does the CEO, BOD or any of the top management invest in their own company especially now with these deflated prices. Do you think it may have something to do with their lack of faith in the future of the company?

      And you say my ID name says it all well let me throw a few names at you. Dave D'Antoine, should have been the CEO, was groomed for the position and work several of the divisions unlike the current CEO. Why did he jump ship when JOB took over? Another name, Gary Cappeline, why would he leave? And now Marvin Quinn, the latest in a long series of top management to jump ship.

      Both Friedman (The World is Flat) and Smick (The World is Curved) agreed on one thing, innovation is the best way for a company to reinvent itself and stay competitive. Where is the innovation from this CEO?

    • PPS is still falling. Why would you hold? You didn't buy these shares they were given to you.

    • Then why did these shareholders wait to liquidate instead of redeeming the day/day after they received their shares? Many others certainly did.

    • The new shareholders are easily shaken out. The quick decline in PPS will shake them because ASH shares are looked at as free shares. This was not an investment. JMO!

    • Insider buying at Citi was at 9. Who do you think that worked out?

    • this company will not earn a 1.50 in 2009 unless it uses special accounting. take a que from the insiders, if this is such a great value at these levels the insiders should be loading up. and the facts are, if you removed the acquisition, ash is selling between 20 and 30 with the acquisition, well, here we are at 9.

    • Herc was servicing it's debt.

      The combination of Herc/ASH will service the debt.

      The asbestos litigiation is minor.

      The company will not go bankrupt. There is still earnings and cash flow.

      I will say earnings $1.50 for FY2009. (that's earnings, after debt service)

      I'm sorry, but your ID says it all.

    • OK, I'm from the Hercules camp.

      I think this is overdone to the downside. The div cut plus synergies should compensate for the increased lending costs. People seem to be taking the approach that Ashland just bought a lot of debt. Herc was earning far in excess of a dollar a share.

      Even with the downturn, I would expect the combined company to earn $1.50 next year which should push the stock to $20. So your looking at a double from here in 12 months. From there it would be how fast the economy could recover. If you beleve in the stimulus, this could be a 4 bagger in the next 24-36 months.

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