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  • dkeller1970 dkeller1970 Sep 14, 2010 8:19 PM Flag

    Nevada filings - 8000 inc - in default

    duckcunter,are you a idiot?.eigh is a fld no one cares what the company does,stop being a tool and grow a set..

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    • fld play? Care to enlighten me? I am not privy to the IHUB pm underground - maybe you can explain how these plays come about?


      Wednesday, September 15, 2010 10:37:20 AM
      Re: Ex Blockman post# 53145 Post # of 53192
      since i joined the FLD's...I canceled my subscriptions to Level 2's, Charts and Everything...Now I'm a blind man who has to ask others..

      I would help a lot out by checking what's going on...but I don't know myself real-time...hahah

      This reminds me of those LOCUSTS plays they did a few years back - but the were driven underground by the "light".

      From the Matt Brown litigation:

      The defendants pumped the market price of the stocks using wash sales, matched orders and other manipulative trading, often timed to coincide with false or touting press releases by the companies, to give the market the false impression that there was real demand for these stocks. After artificially inflating the market price of the stocks, Dynkowski and his accomplices then dumped the shares obtained from the issuers and divided the illicit proceeds.

    • better watch it there buddy - the real idiots will soon be holding the bags of the unethical idiots that pumped and painted the tape on this thing.

      Stock Manipulation - look it up. Better yet read what Matt Brown and his crew did and compare it to what MONK is doing.

      Matt Brown got too cocky and look what happened to him. Monk think he can avoid any scrutiny of the SEC?

      Hey maybe he better prepare for the taxman!!!

      Ex Blockman
      Wednesday, September 15, 2010 10:06:43 AM
      Re: BL0ODLESS post# 53021 Post # of 53093
      I'm not sure what the actual holdings are of the Den as it's a private company and I'm not an officer of Monk's Den. They are revenue producing though as those, who have attended the various Monkinars, can see. Jerry is building Monk's Den to where it will produce $5 mil in revs over the next year per the PR.

      Warning - IHUB is flying ABOVE the SEC radar - Caution Advised!