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  • curiousoneatthat curiousoneatthat Sep 5, 2013 8:33 PM Flag


    I'm wondering why so much energy is trying to interfere with this company's growth. Perhaps this is when we should be backing up the truck.

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    • Great question curiousone, it is a thought I have wondered about myself.

      When I go back to the beginning of MiMedx (I got in during the initial capital raise), I believed that their products would be very disruptive to the 'status quo' of the then-leading wound care and orthopedic companies, but I never considered how harshly those companies would react. There is an obvious effort to thwart MDXG's growth...and if it is partly our own government doing this, then we all have greater worries in front of us that just MDXG's growth.

      Is it true the head of the FDA is married to a hedge fund manager? If so, that should be aggressively looked in to.

    • Just my two cents - but it's probably being initiated by person or persons who are competitors, enemies or both. Either way, they are very unethical and under-handed to hide behind agencies and writers of second class "news" sources.

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      • I agree. I might be overstepping my diatribe here, but it all reeks of the corrupt practices so pervasive in third world countries. I think the difference between those countries and ours is that those more primitive nations are open about their corruption. We pretend to be righteous yet so many among us pull the same shenanigans. I hope the perpetrators receive the karma they deserve.

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