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  • tipsmaster tipsmaster Oct 4, 2013 3:14 PM Flag

    Selling int the close

    just great......
    OSIR gets upgraded on the 2nd and jumps 14% then rises again today 5% on no news.
    MDXG ha a real product that they can monetize - gets initiated with a BUY (which no one can find the write up) and we barley move
    This is weak and the company could use that PR firm they hired many moons ago to get this thing recognized.

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    • I wouldn't worry. OSIR is a little shiny to analyst(s) due to the Grafix multicenter trial. Many of the Biotech analysts lack a sales / marketing background and come up with simplistic conclusions, IE product Data = sales. Product data does not drive everything. As I wrote in Epifix vs Grafix (upsetting the OSIR crowd hence the thumbs down without responding to me), MDXG is so ahead of the game in terms of product adoption it isn't funny. A product that is ready to go on the shelves for immediate use has a HUGE competitive advantage vs a product that has to be planned by staff for use a day before, etc. in an era of decreasing reimbursements and physicians seeing more patients. Empirical evidence (important) is piling up with key opinion leaders, aka the physicians. Don't even get me started comparing the sales force of MDXG (formerly employed by the market leaders who already know the physicians) vs OSIR. The respect for MDXG will come in due time as the sales continue to pour in. Yes, analysts are missing this big and just don't understand the battlefield when looking at data from their cubicle. They need to get out in the field and see what's transpiring.

    • tipsy, take a chill pill. PR firms are for companies that don't need them

    • Easy now Tipsy!

      The stock has gone from about $3.90 to $4.80 in a couple of weeks. I know you want more and faster, but it has been moving up nicely. At a pace of 90 cents every 2 weeks, we would be back to $7.50 by Thanksgiving, and over $9 by the end of the year. That wouldn't be hard to swallow Tipsy.

    • Get through FDA, bs legal claim #$%$, another earnings report, guidance update inclusive of Medtronic figures...she will fly and quickly. Patience.

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