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  • cimcbride cimcbride Nov 21, 2013 1:55 PM Flag

    OSIR Up 10%

    Now why would that be?

    Could some be concluding that they have a better product? No way.

    Where is my loser friend. Riding his bicycle perhaps.

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    • Hey Cimc
      MACD just crossed - BULLISH
      Get your self some KY shorty your gonna need it

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      • Frankly don't know enough about MDXG to have the conviction to short it or to buy it for that matter. However from what I do know I conclude that Osiris has a superior lineup of products.

        Having favorites doesn't convey the necessity of a religious war. Regrets for you and your self imposed binary world. And if you make lots of money in MDXG bravo for you. Maybe the funds will aid in opening your view of the world. Maybe not.

    • Not sure where your loser friends are. If the option was a nice looking road bike or a fugly (on one of your posts) lime gold 911 - I would take the road bike. No offense as I am a Porsche fan as well, but most of the members of PCA would say that 911 screams "discount" sort of like the 928 debacle so I hope you enjoy the color and you feel like you got "a good deal".

      Regarding OSIR and I'm not sure who on this Board you are emailing with, but its up 9.42% currently but on less than average volume. Not an overwhelmingly enthusiastic sign. Be careful what your reading from your tea leaves. That stock was in the mid-20's and I wrote back in Aug-Sept time that I think its a long way away (and it could happen) from mid-20's let alone $40 pps as some over on OSIR mb were suggesting.

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      • Lime gold/red Turbo 2014 with black wheels screams discount. Ugly. Really. Build it and take a look. No sunroof. OK many prefer silver/black or worse black/black. Yawn...been there...

        Spokane thinks it's the best looking Porsche on the planet Earth. Of course salespeople can be biased.

        Perhaps you think I should keep my 09 911 s basalt/natural brown.

        Hey that is why there is MDXG for the unimaginative and OSIR for us more creative types.

        Actually this silliness all began because of my reaction to the Loser moniker after indicating that I had made mega dollars on OSIR. All true.

        Fugly???? No way.

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