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  • old_wisetrader old_wisetrader Feb 24, 2014 9:47 AM Flag

    Fun and games of earnings week for mdxg

    Always fun to watch trading a few days before earnings, see who knows something, who thinks they know something. Maybe this will be the week we finally get some 2015 forecasts, 200 to 300 million would be my guess.

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    • dannyj Feb 24, 2014 2:39 PM Flag

      Nice little sale before earnings, 7.05 Shares for all!

    • What I do know is that many so-called analysts do not know how effective Epifix really is. The coming earnings release may be additional proof. Have my call opinions and in position. As I mentioned in months past, I don't know an analyst who has been in the field and talked to the physicians.
      In due time...

    • I suspect we will be priced around 7 X projected sales, but the buyout will be around 10 times sales. JMO

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      • Those are the multiples that many have used. Question is when will projections rise substantially with the future mega market for amniofix. Understand the BLA process muddies the water, but none the less I believe when some of these studies are released our 2016-17 numbers will begin to be whispered and betting money will show up. Based upon 10 times sales we could expect a 30 percent premium from 2014 sales, but what buyout ever looks at current sales, most speculative plays are 3 to 5 years out, and just the wound care alone will threaten 500 million in sales in a few years, throw in blockbuster amniofix future projections and that is where you can play with 8 digit sales numbers. I am still predicting double digits in a few weeks or months for mdxg. After holding this for four plus years, what is a few more years. Like the idiot who complains the stock is down 5 cents when the market is up, his time frame for holding must be in days, you will never get rich that way with that attitude over the long run, I know as that is the mistake I made many years ago. Find great management, find a disruptive product and hold on for the ride, that is the theory that has made me very wealthy. Good luck.

      • gjohnson1220 Feb 24, 2014 10:32 AM Flag you are projecting a final sales price between $19-$28?

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