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  • Great to see so many of our "btched" slapped OSIR longs coming to pay us a visit. Lets see, Cimc, Baby face, Mania and lets add candy man to the list.
    Spin it any way you clowns want but when your running a publically traded company and one of your top executives resign it's disruptive.This is the second such defection at OSIR in recent months. No one can suggest the OSIR team has it together or possess the loyalty MDXG's management team has to the MDXG organization.
    Also for the sake of accuracy amniofix has not been pulled from shelves and is still being sold during the review period. God help these shorts when the judgment day comes.

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    • Well I would be concerned if both went to work at MiMedx. Otherwise I see it as a non event. If Friedli got hauled in for insider trading I'd be concerned.

      Hey it is only me. Doesn't mean anyone else has to share my perspective. Ultimately whichever company has the better product or whichever company presents better, refereed data will gain a larger share of the market. This is not a zero sum game at this point nor is it ever likely to be.

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