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    Amniofix in Protatectomy

    From Jacksonhealth dot org site

    Robotic Prostatectomy

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    With prostate cancer, it's not just about facing the disease. It's about facing the fears of erectile dysfunction and incontinence.
    da Vinci Surgical System
    At the Urology Center of Excellence at Jackson South Community Hospital, Dr. Sanjay Razdan uses the da Vinci Surgical System to reduce the risk of nerve damage that can affect sexual function and urinary control. In fact, more robotic-assisted prostatectomies are being performed at Jackson South than at any other hospital in South Florida.
    Prostate cancer can be treated successfully if it is caught early, before it spreads to other parts of the body. The da Vinci S Robotic Surgical System, allows the surgeon to perform minimally invasive procedures, such as removal of the prostate, in hard-to-reach areas with more precision. Because this technology is less invasive than other surgical options, patients experience minimal pain, less blood loss and a smaller risk of infection. Patients undergoing this procedure can expect an excellent chance of cure with return to normal activities within days. At the Urology Center of Excellence at Jackson South Community Hospital we are even offering outpatient robotic surgery for prostate cancer. In the majority of cases, patients are not troubled with incontinence or impotence.

    AmnioFix Membrane

    The Urology Center of Excellence has the unique distinction of being the first facility in the world to develop and implement a technique for using human amniotic membrane (AmnioFix) to promote the healing of nerves responsible for erectile function after robotic prostate surgery. Led by Dr. Razdan, this procedure and its results have been incredibly promising. Through patient testimonials, we believe that this treatment has resulted in regained continence and post-operative erectile function in faster times than ever before.

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    • There are about 400,000 spinal and 200,000 prostatectomy surgeries done in the US each year. Considering 1,000 per graft and this could potentially boost MDXG revenues another 600 million per year. This will be in addition to the wound care market which has potential of about 400 million. Of corse we still haven't discussed the pulverized Amniofix market that would be huge in itself. Could this company see 2 billion in revenues some day? Notice these numbers are for the US only.

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