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  • how_bout_we_talk how_bout_we_talk Jul 1, 2014 11:24 AM Flag

    use of the injectable

    a friend of mine has come down with plantar fasciitis, and I suggested he ask if his doctor was able to use amniofix injectable on his ailment........ his doctor indicated that if you aren't involved in a trial or with a hospital involved with a study, you can't get the product......... the fear of using it for a non-approved ailment might open them up to scrutiny or difficulty if there were a problem...

    can anyone help understand under what conditions and circumstances can a physician use the injectable given it's transitional status???

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    • This is why your precious MDXG is CAPPED - very few if ANY doctors will want to inject freeze dried, ground up placenta tissue into a patient. Sorry boys - market cap is way ahead of itself and AmnioFix (aka Sanka) is years away from approval. Short dream - especially when company finally comes clean on how long approval will take.

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      • cezassee, ask RG3 and Adrienne Peterson how that "sanka" is working for them as well as the other professional athletes Dr. James Andrews is using AmnioFix on. Hey, when is that SEC crackdown on Pete Petit coming? Oh yeah, it's over. And how about your FDA prediction of AmnioFix getting pulled? When is that happening? Oh wait, that isn't happening either. There's only one bad surprise coming and guess what, it isn't coming to MDXG but to OSIR.

      • The addressable market is $13b-$15b annually. Take a 5x rev buyout and a 5% market penetration in 2 years and you get to $25-$30/PPS once all risks (disclosure, trials, BS) get worked out. Discount that back to today and 7.40 is low. I would say $9-11 once we get our official announcement. The smart institutional groups have already been heavily buying based upon the company's recent "announcements". You're nuts and they will get smoked shortly.

      • Oh Cez how little you know......that's how you wish it would play out.

    • how about, your friend's doctor is totally clueless since that is totally false.

    • There are numerous studies showing efficacy of Amniofix injectable in various maladies. Especially plantar fasciitis. Your friend should be able to find anotherDoc in his area to treat him. Early on some Docs don't know about drug or procedure and don't want to learn, so it is easier to say experimental or doesn't have enough data. These guys usually convert after all around using a product.

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