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  • tomg86402 tomg86402 Feb 12, 2013 10:46 AM Flag


    I have added to my position for one reason only...Brad Cooke. My questions are:

    Anyone have a guess as to what mine they are working on buying?
    Anyone know why EXK has not got involved with CANARC?
    Anyone think a reverse split is near, a 1 for 10 would move the price to a more respectable $2 to $3 range and might garner more interest?

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I doubt we do a reverse split, but you never know, CDE did one and it was great for them, most times it doesn't work out so good.

      No clue on the producing mine Canarc is going after.

      And I wish EXK had done a sweethart deal with CRCUF, it would have been a win-win. Not sure why that didn't happen. I'm in the dark more than daytraderty or sunnyclime or pretty much any of the other posters. There's a ton about Canarc that I don't know.

      But here's what I do know:
      CRCUF hit a fresh 52-week high today.
      EXK bounced of a new 52-week low today.
      If that trend continues then I will be selling CRCUF shares and buying EXK.

    • Probably get the mine acquisition and Jt Venture with Canford in the same press release in the next week or two.

    • Watch this baby run after next Wednesday! :)

    • We may get to that $1 -$2 range faster than you think without a reverse split!

    • tom,
      Your questions are good ones. I'll offer my opinion and that's all it is. I've been wrong before.

      Can't help with the name of the mine acquisition.

      Concerning EXK not being involved. I view that as a strong statement of the integrity of management. Keeping the balance sheet clean for both companies avoids all sorts of
      conflicts of interest. EXK shareholders bought a growth silver miner. Had they wanted to invest
      in a gold miner; they could have. Keeping the mission pure for both companies is admirable
      and speaks volumes of the ethical approach by the BoD for both companies.

      Generally speaking reverse splits are utilized by companies that are in trouble. CRCUF has
      a low amount of stock issued already. I see no need to reduce the number of outstanding shares.
      The stock will soon be rewarded for its inorganic/organic growth cycles. It would not surprise me
      to see more shares issued as the company grows and the stock appreciates in order to fund future


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