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  • tddoukas Mar 13, 2013 12:33 PM Flag


    what happened to everyone? ty, sc, ag. is this company still relevant? Cmon lets hear from you. I'm interested to hear what's on the burner.

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    • I've been around. There haven't been any posts lately and I have t been eager to due to my family situation.

      Been pretty down and out and have had the worst cold in recent memory.

      I have been in touch with Brad and there hasn't been anything new to report on.
      I am long the stock and will try an grab another lot in the .13's later this week. Should the new parties be serious enough to go on this, I agree with SUNNY that there will be a bid submitted very soon. My timeframe is end of month to first week of April. (This is what brad said)

      Other than that, I'm just waiting for the shorts to finish with ZNGA.

      Thanks to you guys who mentioned you are praying for me. For those who didn't read it, my girlfriend and I lost our baby during pregnancy. Very difficult.

    • Just waiting for news.

      As of last Friday, Brad had 6-7 new parties interested in partnering/financing the Quebec mine, and one new potential for NP. Canford also asked if they could proceed on a non exclusive. CANARC had many meetings scheduled this week and were going to try and narrow the list to 2-3 soon and try and make an offer by the end of the month. That was the plan. I was going to check back on Friday and see how things were progressing.

      Unfortunately, these are all new groups and CANARC is starting from ground zero with them, so it will take some time. I still think Canford is a wildcard, and investors don't come easy.

      We should know something soon. I think Brad was a little busy with EXK this week.

      Hang in there. I think we are all a little gun shy to post after the Canford deal didn't get done as predicted. I think it shocked Canford and Brad as well. I know that Brad is moving full speed ahead and will get a deal done for NP, just can't predict when. I know he has his sights set on the Quebec mine still. Hopefully he can pull it off.

      I'm predicting a better than 50% that Brad still gets the Quebec mine deal done. JMHO.

      GLTA Longs.

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      • therscy Mar 13, 2013 10:54 PM Flag

        Hi guys,

        When you say that they are all new groups, surely brad has been discussing requirements with at least one other group even if un-officially.
        So it might take canarc another 2-3 months to do the due diligence on the partner as canford did?

        Does anyone actually know what the problem is at canford?

        If they can only get half the money then get the mine bought and fund NP from cash flow?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I think most are just sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for a finance deal to get in place. When Brad puts a deal together stock price will respond and investors will come out of the woodwork. JMO

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