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  • retiredladyinsouthflorida retiredladyinsouthflorida Oct 10, 2012 1:59 PM Flag

    Rumors rumors rumors

    My hubby just got a phone call from a friend who is long on Anika (as am I and also hubby). This "friend" said he saw something "on Google" that explains the sudden drop in Anika share price over the past two days. Some kind of news or press release or some such. Actually, "friend" was very specific but I'm not going to say what it was BECAUSE I cannot find anything to support this "rumor" from our friend -- not on Google, not here on this message board, not on Yahoo finance, not anywhere. And I'm pretty good at sussing out web-based info, so if I can't find it, it ain't there. So where is this friend coming up with this "news" ????? Has anybody else heard a "rumor" or "news" that potentially reflects negatively on Anika?????? And if so, what exactly is the source of this rumor?

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