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  • zippybalto zippybalto Oct 31, 2012 2:17 AM Flag

    Q4 looking very strong

    Well, if we read the release carefully, Q4 looks pretty strong.

    "“Looking ahead, we expect to report record fourth-quarter revenue, driven by increased demand for Orthovisc and the fulfillment of the delayed shipments. We also expect improved profitability in the quarter."

    OK, ANIK's previous high revenue was $19.6 million. So the company is saying that Q4 revenue will be at least that. Now use their net margin from a normal quarter, like Q3 2011, which was 16.1%. This gives you Net Income of $3.16 million. Divide that by the fully-diluted share count from Q3 2012, 14.459 million, and you get $0.22/share in Q4 2012. Which is ahead of the current Q4 consensus of $0.19/share.

    Q3 wasn't pretty but it wasn't unexpected either. Orthovisc is finally flowing out of Bedford. Let's keep it up!


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    • Read again, he said record q4 revenue! That was 18.4 m last year. And it doesn't say improved compared to what quarter...

      2 m is missing in opthalmic revs, which we were warned about (BL). Missing gm was more than made up for by less sga and rd.

      But then he says no orthovisc orders filled? but sales were not bad...

      Inventory bumped up near 2 m and has now come down to q2 level, so probaly on the orthovisc side this is all just biz as normal -over a 12 m reporting cycle.

      The positives were the "increased demand for orthovisc" and the PMA "progress"

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