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  • rancholasuvas rancholasuvas Dec 25, 2012 5:54 PM Flag

    Lou---Do /You Still Love your Anik?

    The truth about this mismanaged company is trickling out, beginning with Monovisc. It's a good thing the stream of revenue is solid from OrthoVisc. Milk that mother dry! Believe it or not, we're back to square one , exactly where I came in 8 years ago. What a dog! Well, Lou, I still hate my Anik! Will you ever say " Ranch, you were right all along!"?

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • ANIKA has been extremely kind to me last few years.
      I still hold 20k av cost 5.7798.
      I sold half my position 20k in teens earlier in the year... BTW I can prove everything I post here. I aint shy to do it.
      NOKIA though is my exciting play for 2013.Long 50k shares....I am looking for dbl - digits in 2013.
      Merry Christmas!!

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      • Happy New Year to you too, Lou.

        I'm not one for dredging up old posts so I'll simply say that the #$%$ on FDA trials to pan out didn't and most notably the failure of MV after 6 years in the offing.LOL. No new news at Anik nor blockbuster products on the horizon.

        I'm still here because I overlooked about 600 shares when I dumped "everything"(??) back in the mid-17s.

        I too can prove what I've said concerning my pet peeves with the management(make that MISMANAGEMENT) in this company going back to the ill-advised Corporate HQ expansion costs and leases and the phenomenal flop of promising Elevess with all its ancillary products.

        I will also admit that we have not been too kind to each other going back to IV days, but that is water under the bridge and old news. Never had much against you except I saw a target painted on your back---LOL.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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