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  • hartstoc hartstoc Aug 14, 1998 4:28 PM Flag

    to those who "fear" out Phantom100

    I, too, very much appreciate your posts-the calm,
    level-headedness which comes through them all argues that you are
    the real McCoy.(My wife's theory that you are
    actually a very clever 13 year old girl not withstanding!

    I"m still trying to build my position and have an
    average basis of about 15 1/4. This places me in the
    ironic position of praying for dips. Do you think there
    is any justification for my gut feeling that
    inventory is getting tight, and that we may soon see a
    steady upward rise in price due to scarcity alone, and
    that opportunities to add at these levels may soon
    dissapear forever? My limit orders for 100-200 now seem to
    be filling in partials of 40-50 at a time. I'd
    prefer to take my time but ANIK seems to move quite
    apart from the market.

    I'm curious-what is the
    significance of the "100"

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    • You can tell your wife that i am getting all my
      advice from my 16 year old

      With respect to things tightening up..I was a buyer
      this week and it didn't seem to take much of an order
      to drive the price up..I found it real hard to
      increase my position in any significant way without
      pushing the price up about 50 cents

      The fact that
      the the imstitutions have bought up about 16 % of the
      stock over the last 3 months and they will be hanging
      on to their shares for a while plus the 40% that
      management and big shareholders (excluding me..*laughing)
      hold suggests to me that once the approval for
      orthovisc comes through that the price has to make a big would not surprise me to see a jump to $25 with
      the announcement followed by a retracement to $20
      mand then a run to about $ I have said in my
      earlier posts I would expect that the European launch of
      orthovisc will generate a lot of buying interest from
      europe..especially the Germans who love American

      bottom feeling is that we will continue to
      trade between the support price at $15 and the
      resistance price of $16 3/8 until there is an
      announcement..and then all hell will breakloose..when do we get the
      announcement??..your guess is as good as if you have cash to
      buy more I would buy on any dip to the low $15's and
      then after the announcement..fasten your


      The Phantom

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