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  • The_Phantom100 The_Phantom100 Sep 17, 1998 4:40 PM Flag

    TA after today's action

    Well for a while it looked like we were going to
    hold above 14 1/4 but the price slipped towards the
    end of the day on some profit would appear
    now that we will be in the $13-$14 1/4 trading range
    until we get some news on the FDA approval and/or the
    european launch.

    I would suggest that everyone
    remain strong and patient even if the price slips to the
    lower end of the trading


    The Phantom

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    • Yes, I would prefer a lower price (as always) the
      issue is getting the amount I want at a price I can
      live with. My current average is just a shade below
      13. I'm not keen to average up with a price in the
      14s, but I may do so with a price in the 13s. Best
      still would be an average down by buying in the 12s,
      but I'd rather set sail to 40 fully loaded than leave
      shares on the table over a $1 or so.

    • from Furman Seltz. If anyone has anything on this , would appreciate it.

      TIA , TK.

    • Well, maybe this is a sure sign of FDA approval
      by the end of September!

      But I think the more
      relevant question is what to they know that we don't. This
      firm has maintained a strong buy for 1-2 years and now
      with European launch, FDA response etc. they
      downgrade. It doesn't make sense unless

      Remember a buy rating really means hold.. at best.

    • Its difficult to jump in and out if you have a reasonable chunk. Sell a few and the price drops too quickly. You have to sell into strength, which is also hard to do !


    • I got out just in the nick of time today as per
      my earlier posts. Don't start buying just yet. I
      need the price to go down to around 11-12 before i
      reverse my position and go long. I think you would also
      prefer a lower price to load up with as well!!

    • I'm sorry to take a more cynical view, but I
      suspect it was
      an attempt to scare individual
      shareholders out of their
      positions, so institution could
      purchase more at a cheaper

      But it could
      have been just ass-covering as

      Regardless, I'm not letting go of my position in


    • The gods are smiling - no sooner was it wished
      (see post yesterday) than we have been granted the
      opportunity to acquire more stock at a reduced

      As TK points out not so much a downgrade as an
      ass-cover(in all likelihood, I've not seen the piece yet).
      This may free up a little stock from the weak or at
      least the impatient. I've filled in my ticket I'm just
      need to fill in shares and price (as ususall).

    • Analyst was Furman Seltz and downgrade from strong buy to buy.
      Just general ass-covering, with the uncertainty of the FDA approval :). Time was 2:57pm.

      go padres,

    • I just heard that Anika was downgraded by an analyst. No reason listed.

      Anyone hear anything more?



    • Big1, not sure. I am not that familiar with the
      data that supported this claim in the first place. TMJ
      is a very difficult condition to treat and a lot of
      enterprising young companies have been terminated pursuing
      this market. One in particular was doing silicone
      implant replacements....problem was silicone flakes and
      breaks apart under high stress loads like a TMJ
      application. The result was a high number of lawsuits and
      patients left with deformities. Am I alluding this might
      be the case with Anika....definitely not. I have
      seen some very overblown market forecast potential and
      does not seem to be consistent with prior product
      experience or the actual number efffectively treated with a
      product. Let me explore it a little further and will get
      back to you.


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