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  • pinehaus pinehaus Nov 28, 1998 5:33 PM Flag

    Watch list

    These are also ones Iam watching closely.SHRP at
    7 .5 ITGR at 3CNKT at 6TSCN at 7All of the above
    have a relatively small amount of out standing shares
    . This does not mean that I like all there
    numbers.Also someone said how about Phantom. Well I think he
    is a fine man and hope he has a great time in Africa
    but some of his reccomendations are way off . This is
    just my opinion.He is the type of investor that bought
    Shell in 1920 and is still hanging on to it. Smart ?
    You bet it is , but I do not have that kind of
    patients.I trade and love doing it. Will also take a loss if
    I have to and I will never average down. Never. Why
    go deeper in to the hole.Take you loss and on to the
    next one.So regarding Phantom ? I am not sure . I
    believe he has a much different outlook on things than
    most have on this board.That does not mean he is wrong
    but he has his own way of doing things.If any one
    decides to buy any of the above or has a good suggestion
    please post it here.Greetings,John

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    • WarEagle thank you for running them through
      VectorVest. Usually the volume is 134,000 but on Friday it
      traded over 2 million shares on no news. A fund manager
      recommended it Saturday on Moneyweek. The ALMI board is going
      crazy speculating on where its
      going. Everyone
      seems too happy about it. Makes me think about what the
      Phantom said about selling when your real happy and
      buying when you want to puke. Resistance is at 7. I will
      be watching from the sidelines on this one.

    • VV has a "buy" on ALMI, CYSP is not followed by
      the program. Although almost all stocks are, some
      smaller ones are not.

      I quickly did some research
      on both, and these are my thoughts..

      ALMI is
      up and higher than VV's assigned value. VV tends to
      put most weight on momentum and I try not to buy
      stocks that are overvalued. Many are still winners but
      the risk does not equal the reward in my opinion. You
      may be an investor that accepts more risk than me
      though. I am not opposed to risk, but don't want an
      unusual amount of it even if it means losing some

      CYSP is an internet play. These are the most risky and
      I feel are overdue for a correction once the market
      regains it sanity. Don't get me wrong, the internet is
      going to produce many great values, I just think most
      are way overpriced at today's prices.

      analysis, both may rocket tomorrow and make me look like a
      fool. Good luck but I am not ready for that high a risk
      right now.


      War Eagle

    • I consider this board a friendly and knowledgable
      one and I believe that anika should remain its main
      focus. All the other stocks that we shared with each
      other should be considered side dishes and anika must
      remain this boards main course. Any further questions
      about atrix ought to be done on the Atrx board where
      there are many dentists and perios. The atrx board is
      also very friendly and knowledgeable and I hope to see
      many of you there. This will be my last post on
      anything other than anika and for those of you who read
      this board daily with only anika as your top priority,
      you are right this is anikas board and i apologize.
      Good Luck Lets go Anika

    • ATRX has been on my serious watch list since you
      mentioned it (thanks)

      - Atridox was approved by the FDA on Sept 8, and it appears
      that many bought at much higher than current prices
      before and after that date, only to have the stock tank
      out. Could it be that there is a fairly large
      population of frustrated holders who are going to sell into
      the recent rise to get out. (ie might there be better
      buying opportunities over the coming weeks?)
      - If I
      understand correctly, the great majority of shorts hold
      convertible bonds. Since they are shorting to hedge the
      bonds-will they have any incentive to cover before they are
      convinced that Atridox is a success and the price can only
      go up?
      - Is it possible that most naked shorts
      have covered already-short information is notoriously
      out of date and innaccurate, as it is derived by
      inference after the fact.
      For sure- the potential
      market is VAST if Atridox proves to be a success. I just
      wonder what the best accummulation approach would be
      given the above. Best Wishes.

    • If your looking for a great investment while were
      waiting for Anika try looking at Atrx. This is going to
      go through the roof soon. The large short position
      will make this stock soar. Visit the Atrix Board on
      Yahoo for more info.

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