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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Dec 1, 2009 3:16 PM Flag

    So I Talked To My College Friend From India Yesterday...

    some of us here need to get off our bum and start researching what the opinion of ttm is by actual people in india. What is a good way to find a newspaper or article about if what this guys friend said is true. I pray it is. I will start googling now....and you guys?

    Oh yeah, and for the guy who needed to make fun of a guys spelling, I myself am QUITE EDUCATED BUT i CANT TYPE FOR SPIT. DO NOT CONFUSE THE TWO!!!!

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    • TTM is very highly regarded in India. The Tata name in India is like Rockefeller in the U.S.

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      • BEEB, IF YOU ARE RIGHT...I will be selling 1/3 of my mothers retirement portfolio to slowly leg into this puppy. If you are right, this is a $50 stock in max 18 months. In fact LET US ALL PRAY....every night before we go to sleep that they know who to pay off in the usa to put a huge dent in this market. Would love to see big money get behind them with lobbying power, take a major stake in the co., and give Ford and GM and even toyota a run for their money. Sooooo many poor people would buy that car here. Hell.....Id buy a 2500 dollar car here! as long as i didnt have to get out and push it! Many college kids would get one as a present from their parents tyo drive to school. Millions all over the world! Jeez, im salivating already.

      • You mean it is a despiesed name and they to are involved with a shame called the Federal Reserve?

      • The name is also gaining respect in Tucson Arizona, at least in my house. And it's not just about money.

    • Tata is probably the most respected brand in India, for its generally ethical business practice, fair treatment of its employees and a decent quality product.

      Other than oil and gas Tata has presence in pretty much all other industry segments. BTW, Goode Earth herbal tea in the US is owned by a Tata company as is Tetly brand of tea.

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      • There's over a billion people in India. About 500 million households. If you can get a mere 10% to buy a Nano, then that's 50 Million.

        If you ramped up production to 1 Million per year, you still aren't anywhere close to meeting demand just in India alone. The new Nano factory that starts up next month will only bring us up to 400,000 per year including the other smaller factory.

        They will for certain announce another factory project in 2010. (maybe even going back to Singur)

        Additionally, they will sell small franchise rights to other companies to produce more too. This has already been announced.

        We're still on the very begining wave of all of this!

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