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  • ssam ssam Dec 1, 2002 10:15 PM Flag

    6 more quarter, cash out!!

    Based on the publicated finance, My projection on this company is: running out cash for 6 more quarters......
    I wonder if they can actually put some real product on the market in this time frame. Otherwise, they will have to force to rasing cash again or significantly cutting their R&D+Admin expense... Either way, it will hurt company badly. My question is, will there be anyone out there who want to fund this company again based on the current progress...
    Looks like this company will have a significant change in next 4-6 quarter to survive. Does any one know how long it takes FDA to approve the product of this company?

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    • BTW.
      You are 100% correct that VVUS will have to raise cash in the next 1-1.5 years.
      The real Q's:
      What method?
      If by selling shares: at what price?

      I think we'll get our answers, when Alista P-2 results become public...
      Until then your "strong sell" might be correct, I'm gambling on the other side...

    • Based on the current paronia level on Yahoo boards, you are an HGSI long.
      (And if you don't know what I'm talking about, ask flash. -g-).

    • company's pipeline drugs and how far away they are from approval (much less the eventual revenue if/when approved), how can you rate the company a strong sell?

      You also seem to not have calculated the cash burn correctly or taken into consideration the possible funds from a joint venture, which would likely happen as long as the pipeline drugs continue to have positive research results.

      From you post, all it looks like you've done is take the some net loss number (rather than the actual reduction in cash...because there is NO debt) and divided it into the cash. You even tacitly admit that this is insufficient to project what is going to happen by the fact that you ask your questions.

      I have given you the benefit of the doubt and am trying to point you in the right direction, even though you have apparently rated the company a Strong Sell, when you apparently know almost nothing about it. Maybe you should do some more research before you make a decision.

      Or feel free to short the stock. None of the longterm holders I know will really care what you do for a few hundred or a few thousand shares. On the other hand, many of us would prefer that you actually know something about the company before you post, or at least be more amusing.

      There is a lot of information available on the VIVUS website and in the FDA filings. The eventual need to bring in more cash is not a secret or a revelation that will move the stock price. It has been in quite a number of the VIVUS SEC filings. Have you read them? Have you read the filings of other drug development companies? The tend to have similar cautionary sections, covering all the horrible things that could happen.

      And what research have you done to know that "either way, it will hurt the company badly."

      And why ask us who will fund VIVUS? If we'd answer that, we'd sound as foolish as you do in your post.

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      • I am perfectly clear on the current pipeline. However, it really make no sense for me to arguing who is more foolish. I express my opinion based on my research and observation of company's financial sttuation. If you dislike it, free to say what ever you like to say. But do't put words into my mouth, neither do you need to use any word to attack me. Number talks..... I think 1 years is enough to see where this babe will head into.
        My statement stays firm that this company will completely running out cash on hand unless it has other funding sources. And we all know what it means to exist share holder.
        The question is: will anyone would be interested to put in fund. I will not to say no this time, But I would not be optimistic looking at the furture.
        my 2 cents opinion...

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