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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Jun 18, 2012 1:11 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha article says Quenexa will be rejected

    due to side effects. That writer, Scott Matusow, is correct in about 90% of his calls. Might be good idea to take some profits to ARNA, which he predicts will be approved. Just trying to help, glta

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    • both drugs will get approved vvus over 40$ arna over 20@ no BS any more ok

    • helping yourself a**hole.The article was riddled with inaccuracies and omissions

    • Moreover, despite your emphasis on political climate, the FDA will due its own DD, and in my opinion, and that of others, is that Lorc will face a 3 to 6 month delay for a REMS, and at least a post approval CV study on valvular issues.
      The bloggers missed that wonder, he is a MORON

    • moron deluxe---he just stated he is purchasing shares up to july 17th

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      • I told you people that Matusow ar Seeking Alpha can make or break a stock. His call on Qunexa yesterday morning was the kiss of death for VVUS. Once his article came out, the sp has kept dropping, most of the posters have left this board, appears they took their money to ARNA. It is not too late, if you rode up from $10, $25 is a great profit. Those people who left yeasterday got almost 3 Arna for one of their vvus. If you hurry, you can get about 2.4 arna for each vvus share. In this business, you can not beat the media gurus, best to follow their lead.glta

    • Mo Are you really citing cramer and an alpha blogger as sources for investment decisions? Well sometimes God is good to those who are clueless & stupid. You sound like you have just enough brains to be dangerous. Eventually your luck will run out.

    • Am I dreaming, or did I just read a 2nd article that said Quenexa will be rejected? I am pretty sure there was another one a few days ago.I know this article is written by Scott Matusow at Seeking Alpha, and he is correct about 90 per cent of the time with his picks. If I was heavily invested here, I think I would be hedging my bets, pulling out mosyt of my profits and just let a little ride. I would actually put some of the profit in ARNA, in the article, he said ARNA was a pretty sure bet. Also, I think I heard that Cramer said yesterday to load up on ARNA. Just my opinion, glta

    • Well good for you. If you're not blowing smoke. Well done.

    • How did I mis apply my idea re taking profits? If so, let me make it more clear, like many people, I imagine, around the latter part of 2011 or early 2012, I, being a 4 year obesity drug stock vet, discovered that they were maybe coming back in vogue. From late 2011 thru app March, I made around $10,000 on OREX, from around 1.50 to around $4. Frankly, I was amazed, since I knew their product was several years away. However, I remember the very day that I decided to get into VVUS or ARNA. VVUS was about $9, and ARNA was about $2, and I chose ARNA, since I could get more shares for the buck. This I believe was in Jan or Feb. I bought in for $12,000, which was 6,000 shares, or if I had bought VVUS, would have been 1333, I did the ARNA, thinking VVUS being first on adcom would boost arna. In the next few days, I plan to sell enough to take out my initial investment of 12,000, and also one half of current profit, that profit is 44,000. I will take out 22,000. Which leaves $22,000 invested, or about 2500 shares. If ARNA is rejected, and goes to zero, I have made 22,000 on a 12,000 investment, not bad for a 6 month investment. But, if it is approved, and say, goes to 15, I will then have my 22,000 profit I had already taken, then 37,500 profit on existing shares, for a total of $59,500 profit on my initial $12,000 investment. I would strongly suggest anyone with huge profits in VVUs to consider this strtegy, or one similar. glta

    • Pillprep; Well said. Good analysis. Mofis sounds like he is trying to make a reasonable argument but as usual most arnatards arguments are, upon close examination, full of holes, not well thought out and somewhat delusional. Anyone who cites and relies on an alphablog for making investment decisions does not inspire confidence in his opinions.
      One thing that I do agree w/mofis, it is good to protect profits, but that arguement is also misapplied in his posts.

    • I read Mr. Matusow's blog. He clearly has an agenda or he would have been a bit more factual. He unwittingly contradicts his own premise with the half-truths that he mentions. Phen was pulled in 1997 as part of the Phen-Fen combo, only to be released back onto the market as a solo agent after the FDA determined that it was the fenfluramine component that was responsible for the valvular heart disease and pulmonary hypertension. He would like us to believe that the FDA, after having pulled Phen, then released it again, is now going to decide that it's too dangerous?? Furthermore, the mechanism of fenfluramine toxicity remains a matter of discussion, but valvular heart disease is seen in states of serotonin excess (like carcinoid syndrome) and fenfluramine is a serotonin agonist. Are there any other new obesity agents that work through serotonin agonism??? Right, his "safer" pick, Lorcaserin.

      He goes on to discuss the teratogenicity of topiramate, builds a straw man argument and then concludes the paragraph by stating "no news on if the agency will issue a recall"?? What a clown.

      I'm not saying that ARNA's drug won't get approved...personally I think that there's a good likelihood of delay/REMS, but I'm certain that this blogger is long ARNA and short VVUS and is "out over his skis". He has an agenda that doesn't include honest investor education and needs to be called out. Seeking Alpha has become completely worthless. There's no fact-checking, no editing...but it's free, and worth what you pay for it.

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