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  • ra9909 ra9909 Jun 18, 2012 7:00 PM Flag

    Dr. told me will NOT prescribe VVUS

    anytime soon, not worth the risk due to side effects. I discussed ARNA and VVUS with him, he was familiar with prospects for both, and he said, in his opinion anyhow, most would prefer ARNA's Lorq for awhile until VVUS had been on market for awhile without any complications from side effects, said doctors are sick of worrying about getting sued for things like this as well as being responsible to their patients for safe care.

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    • With the rest of the Quackers!

    • my dr. said he will ...back to even

    • Look. Most of the potential patients are grossly overweight. Unless the Doc is looking for the constant visits & monitoring fees long term, he will not prescribe anything except diet & exercise. If its such a problem, then Qnexa is the deal.

    • Actually, the last half of the last sentence is's the preceding part that's exactly backward.

    • Speaking of side-effects;

      Lorcaserin may require annual echocardiograms for all patients, to monitor and chack for heart damage. Lorcaserin may require multiple registries to monitor for: brain tumors, cancers, and valvular heart disease.

      I would recommend the safer drug for all obesity patients. The safer drug is Qnexa. Lorcaserin is too new, and it has both known and unknown safety risks. Qnexa's ingredients, Phentermlne was approved in 1959, and Topiramate was approved in 1996. Both of these drugs have well-documented safety and efficacy profiles.

      If you can show me documented proof that either Topiramate and/or Phentermlne has caused wide-spread adverse events throughout there use, then I will rethink my opinion of Qnexa's safety profile.

      Lorcaserin may eventually be approved, but it may be required to do or have the following:

      (1) The designs of a post-approval CVOT study will need to be submitted to the FDA pror to approval, to rule out valvular heart disease (VHD) post-approval.

      (2) REMS may be needed and required by FDA.

      (3) A patient registry to track brain tumors and cancers.

      (4) Patients may have to take at least an annual echocardiogram.

      I don't think that you can compare clinicial trials of about 8,000 patients (about 50% dropped out because they were not losing any weight, or due to adverse events), with at most, 2 years of exposure to Lorcaserin, to over 100 million patients who have been exposed to Phentermlne since 1959 (53 years), and to Topiramate since 1996 (16 years). That is not enough data to declare Lorcaserin as a safe drug.

      During 2011 alone, there were 10 million prescriptions written for Topiramate, and 6.5 million written for Topiramate. Comparatively speaking, Lorcaserin is too new. It does not have a history of widespread usage for several decades, by the general population.

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      • I have to admit, you keep doing very nice copy-paste jobs atl... ;)

      • I think the thing that worries a lot of docs is the cleft palate issue, I believe it is somewhere between 1 and 2 per cent. Those odds are pretty low, but , doing the math, at 1.25 per cent, that would be out of 100,000, about 1250 babies born with cleft palate. Can you imagine the docs that prescribe to those 1250 women, how they will be impacted, both professionally, and , financially, with their malpractice insurance going up. I have not heard much about docs concerns about lorcosirin, thought they laid to rest the issue of tumors in rats. Are they really going to make ARNA do extra stuff even with a delay? Why did they delay Quenexa exactly? I have actually spoken with several docs and their friends in Memphis, TN., just off the record , mostly at golf course. Out of about 10 who had any knowledge of them, one said they would prescribe both, one said would prescribe only Quenexa, 4 said only Lorcorsirin, and 3 or 4 said they would prescibe neither, preferring the old fashion diet and exercise, and avoiding any malpractice issues. Any one else got any info, I am trying to learn all I can, I own all 3 obesity stocks, but most heavily ARNA. Appreciate the info on ARNA, was not aware of the magnitude of their drugs side effects. glta

    • LOL

      So your 'brilliant' physician will be recommending a drug with inferior weight loss efficacy and only a two year record of safety over the drug that is both more efficacious and established safe from over 15 years of prescription use of its component drugs (and at much higher doses).

      I'd find another physician pronto.

    • Adios phackface....suck it....

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