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  • todzun todzun Jun 21, 2012 3:43 PM Flag

    Poll - How many passed investing in ARNA?

    because the ARNA investors arguments were weak and all the pumping was well... kind of creepy?

    I did. ARNA may very well turn into a huge success but the Murphy/ Dr. Dan thing, the "There's a factory in Switzerland!", Angry letters to FDA, managements failure to bring up the cancer issue before first PDFU in 2010 and total lack of acknowledgement by ARNA investors of unknown risks was weird and cult like.

    I could not sleep at night with a large stake in ARNA. With VVUS I sleep just fine.

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    • Hey soulshreaker, Why bother posting on the message board of a stock you will never own? Seriously, are you that bored with all the euphoria on the ARNA board, or did you just miss me? LOL!!

    • Thank God I didn't pass on the ARNA opportunity. When BIG CRAZY BETS payoff it can be life changing; try it sometimes.

      I know many of you VVUS longs have doubled or tripled your investment, so better take your profits because what's coming in July won't be pretty.

    • How would ARNA investors acknowledge "unknown risks" if such risks are unknown?

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      • You prove my point about ARNA investors. In the Venn diagram of all possible side effects a drug may have, testing on only 8000 patients gives a small window on what they might be. ARNA investors take a big risk that a new previously unknown side effect bomb will explode in their face at any point in the years to come. AND more importantly a big pharma looking to acquire an anti-obesity drug understands this too and will not risk billions acquiring ARNA.

    • You "sleep just fine" because your stock sleeps right along with you----I sleep better with company also!

    • I was long in ARNA from $1.75 to $10.00. I also had a few short positions in the stock. The creepy thing about ARNA is that the higher that garbage went in pps, the more the pumpers became delusional and almost cult like in their euphoric chanting. A very very scary lot of misfits. I took all my profits and went all long in VVUS. I have not regretted my decision one bit.

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      • what do you think 12 to 23 just like VVUS!?

      • Wow, finally a civilized thread on this board. Thank you. It's been hard to find anything with actual VVUS conversations from VVUS longs.

        Being a new investor in biotech, i miscalculated the advisory committee date on ARNA and got caught without any shares prior to the run up. I learned about the advisory committee in general after VVUS had already been through the process. Therefore I missed out on both pops on both stocks.

        I bought quite a bit of VVUS after their ADcomm, but held off on the ARNA. The one thing I have learned about biotechs is that they can run up rather quickly and steadily a few weeks prior to their PDUFA dates, so I bought 6K worth of ARNA at $6. Not much, but I figured that I would catch the run.

        The two problems that VVUS has is that since ARNA is a lower prices stock, it can run up much quicker and it also has it's PDUFA date set after ARNS's.

        At this point I may sell a 2K worth just in case it fails, but I may keep the 6k fully invested and just roll the dice. It's not a big investment, but could make much more on approval.

        Those ARNA pumpers, have reason to pump, since the stock has skyrocketed. I just chose to ride the momentum.

        I still think that both will be approved. I'm hoping that since both PDUFA dates for VVUS and ARNA are so close together, that the FDA may choose to announce both on the same day. Otherwise, the stock that does get approved first will go much higher simply for having gotten approved first.

        Looking forward to nice profit with VVUS as well.


      • Hahaha, everyone knows tele was simply shorting the stock the entire time and lost big. All his posts on arna about him shorting the stock. What a joke.

      • You will on the 27th

      • You will on the 27th

    • actually, i bought into both. VIVUS in the 10's and ARNA in the 2's. i keep waiting for someone to yank the carpet out from underneath my feet.

      if i could get any of my other 10 stocks options to get some lift that would be great!

    • I passed also as I have been much more impressed with Vivus and their products. The last couple of weeks though has been very surprising though as ARNA has been very strong. I am still looking at possibly buying some puts(small amount) on ARNA prior to the PDUFA next Wednesday as I am also in the camp of them receiving a CRL-time will tell.

    • same here but oh well i have done quite well with vvus and really anyother bio that i dabbled in this entire yr...this whole thing smells of a trap but really when does the carousel's just fishy at best!! can't even tell you how irrational this all appears to be...ultimate contrarian play? MAYBE... but we'll see!!

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