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  • pmaly1 pmaly1 Dec 28, 2012 12:30 AM Flag

    QYSMIA will be one of the 2013 BLOCKBUSTER drug & Stendra will hit the market: vvus price target $53.75

    Especially after intial sales of belviq turn to disappointment when new users and their doctors experiance poor effectiveness and change to the much more useful Qysmia instead. By the end of next year there won't be many physicians prescribing belviq, Qysmia will be the anti-obesity drug of choice. Stendra will be coming to the market. There is a better then 50/50 chance that on appeal Qysmia will get European approval. Some legitimate thoughtfull persectives to ponder.

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    • VVUS will sink below $13 while ARNA killing it bad today.

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      • Stendra is still not launched as we speak---WHY? Nobody answers that, but they use it to supposedly prop VVUS intrinsic value---its been endless months! This board needs to stop using Stendra as some crutch until it actuall fulfills the role as a crutch!

        Qsymia has no better efficacy than Belviq except at the high dose--not all your patients will be allowed to go there! Look at the data!

        There is no disputing the fact that the FDA feels that Q potential safety profile is riskier than Belviq--its in the data and its in the REMS and its in the associated labels.

        Belviq will be a first line treatment. Q will get some non-responders of B but it will never be enough to make it a blockbuster---period! Too many doctors will shy away from the composite of PHEN and TOP! The stock market knows it, the doctors know it, and the patients will know it.

        We will see as soon as Belviq gets launched! I don;t think this board is going to like what they will see and its not PM's vision for it all!

        You will see a real launch coming courtesy of Easai and not a "no launch mixed with a bad launch" to equal some mega company VVUS holders think it is!! bring on your 4Q numbers with your give-away program of samples---I want to see those numbers---I can;t wait!



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    • pmaly1,

      if you're going to pump VVUS's drug, please spell it correctly, geeeeez.

      It's Qsymia, not Qysmia. You mispelled it 4 times.

      BTW, did you intentionally use lower case "b" for Belviq? just wondering.

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      • To bad, I'm dyslexic, you know what I mean so don't be a mauron. Are you trying to dazzel us with your high school education? Or are you a grammar school teacher? belviq does not merit a capital letter. I am not "pumping" . I have just offered my opinion and thumb nail analysis based on commonly known information with out any intent to influence anyone. By the way you are IGNORED but I have honored you with one last reply because its Christmas.

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