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  • tryg.olson tryg.olson Feb 13, 2013 4:27 PM Flag

    I'M down 53% from where I bought. How about You?

    got in at $28.10.

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    • Qqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

    • I got in between $5-6 up approx 100%. If you don't panic you will get your money back and a good return besides. This stock story is moving far slower than I anticipated but I am not even considering getting out. It's kind of like reading a good book that is slow to develop - the story is great but the development is a little wordy and slow to develop.

      I try to tear apart my belief in this stock from time to time and certainly am not "married" to it. I'm in it to make money, it isn't a hobby. I continue to think the risk reward ratio is dynamite. Do a word search on obesity on any given day (a particular day's search) and you will find not a day goes by that it isn't a hugely popular topic. (I'm not assuming that alone means vivus is going to rise) Yesterday a treatment for diabetes was rejected by the FDA. So... people have to attack the problem some other way , a portion of which may be rpt may be weight loss related. This stock may or may not be the answer but it takes a long time and a lot of risk to get to where vivus is today. (We ain't talking a new microchip tomorrow) It needs FDA approval.

      That's behind us and as Yoggi suppoesedly said the future is ahead. I am very optimistic about this stock. I am less thrilled with management but if this were an automobile development that could increase gas milage by 20%, the worst management in the world would have trouble not making money on it.

      Hang in there - not because you bought it and don't want to lose money - hang in there because the story and price makes sense. If that changes get out.

    • sucks to be you...

    • Ouch! I am actually up 50%, as I got in at $8.93. I was hoping to be sipping a mai tai in Hawaii by now, but I'll have to wait for that day to come . . . and it will . . . someday.

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