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  • cobalaa09 cobalaa09 Aug 8, 2013 2:59 PM Flag

    even spencer now arna bull.....OVER FOR VVUS


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    • Not really. A dangerous stock like this, birth defects in children, heart problems in the studies that lead to the REMS, shouldn't have been approved in the first place. Strings were pulled, money kicked back and pocketed. Regardless of how sales go, the powers that be can easily pump it back up. It never got to market standing on it's own merits, so it won't have to go any further based on merit. The crooks and shysters will take it from here.

      If things were done honestly, it would never get approved. But considering such a dangerous drug DID get approved and allowed to go to market shows us it can make it based on pumping from the crooks.

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      • This "dangerous" drug is composed of two compounds that were FDA-approved decades ago and have been used in (literally) millions of patients. There were no "heart problems" in the studies, but there was a 1 beat/minute increase in heart rate....this is not a problem. The incidence of birth defects in children born to mothers taking much higher doses of topiramate is miniscule, and has never been directly linked to topiramate (epilepsy itself is associated with birth defects and topiramate causality has never been proven). The stock has behaved terribly because the launch has been a mess, but Qsymia is the only effective weight loss compound available. The post-marketing data for Belviq, which acts at the serotonin receptor, won't be available for several years. Phen and topiramate have been on the market for decades and will be the drugs chosen by risk-averse physicians because we already know what to expect. No one thought Vioxx or Avandia were going to be toxic until they had the benefit of post-marketing experience.

        Hard to tell whether you're misinformed, disingenuous or both, but there's no need to imply a conspiracy to explain the wave of institutional buying in the last half hour of trading. I'm very comfortable staying long. The earnings report was actually very useful for the message board, as it brought out more idiots in the first 48 hours and with new names to put on Ignore.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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