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  • atethegoose atethegoose Nov 3, 2005 11:21 AM Flag

    where are u?

    Sure is quiet on the board - where'd you all go?

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    • Still lurking about! Chasing other rabbits right now. I found some with big sharp teeth. Goose, check out OSUR and NVAX. No hype, do your DD.

      Thinking about shorting UTHR. Last time I waited 6 or 7 weeks until I felt comfortable so I am in no hurry. I'm not bashing the co. either BTW, just looking for a little pocket change.

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      • Actually Suzanne mentioned OZUR yesterday - I was hoping she had loaded it up when I saw the ticker go by in pre-market this AM. If so, great move!!

        As for shorting - I would be tempted also (institutions are looking mighty bearish today) but I'm still concerned about a whipsaw to the upside as the current shorts try to shake out of their positions. This stock is still too unpredictable at this point for my liking. Unless something spooks the investors of course -

    • I have come out of half my shares AGAIN in the mid 70's and I am comfortable with this, even if it does carry on to 80 odd.

      There has always been a trend of UTHR gradually sliding back a few weeks after the results and if it happens again I will just come, back but owning more shares.

      And if it doesn't drop then my other half will still be doing nicely.

      It is a simple strategy which I have taken a chance on (and protected my profits) about 6 times over the past three years - frankly wish I had attempted this after EVERY quarter.

      By-the-way, I wasn't able to listen in on the conference call, though someone who did said to me there was no mention of Ovarex. Is this true - if so I find it a little surprising?

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      • Hi Pinot -

        Smart move I'd say.

        UTHR could still be squeezed higher, but it can also swing down rather quickly as we've seen. I'll be buying again also if the stock takes a sudden dive.......I'm not adverse to a little short action, but I don't like the risk till I actually see a down-trend forming (learned my lesson way back when). Again, as we know this stock is not really typical of the usual "retracement" activity.

    • Here we go!!!!!!
      Merck won their case today.
      I am fascinated with biotech and pharma.
      Will OSUR win FDA approval for their home HIV test?

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      • Hi Suzanne -

        Not following OSUR at present .......have other stuff on the go.

        I see UTHR is having a good run today, expected it to fissle out after 1st hour into trading. Think the shorts are being ever so helpful as they buy to cover.

        Do you plan on holding UTHR or selling in hopes of picking it up cheaper later?

        My remaining shares are covered with calls, so I gain nothing in selling at this point - may as well to be exercised. Unless it goes up to point that cant's be sustained - then I may close the options and sell the shares at the going rate (getting ready for taking on a short position).

        Have a nice day!

    • I was busy taking profits!!

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