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  • gamblingwithstocks gamblingwithstocks May 1, 2006 10:11 PM Flag

    Stock's volume and Put's volume

    OK I'm a shareholder and had good timing this morning. Good upside move on good volume so I'm happy Day 1; but there were a whole lot of Puts traded also so I hope I am happy after Day 2's earning's release.

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    • Peix down today. How about TM? Look at its charts.I like ICE. Think it will eventually be acquired by someone else. Also look at ISE,; commodities trading is their business. Suzanne

    • Suzanne,

      Could you start telling about these sort of stocks when they at the $7 point!

      By the way, got out of TIE in a panic when it had that stupid downgrade and have since watched it double!

      Keep the tips coming.



    • For those interested in adventure, take a look at PEIX, ethanol play. It inches up a little everyday. Also Bunge (BG) made a nice move today. Guess they deal in soybeans and corn so people see the ethanol play there, also. Suzanne

    • I had sold MAY $65 PUTS on UTHR some time ago. Yesterday I got cold feet pre-earnings and closed them out at a small profit - didn't want to be left holding the bag this AM.

      I have some stock left in me retirement accont - covered with calls so that premium is helping to cover the downside. I had received $8.60 for a Jan $70 call.

      I had a great time "playing" this stock for awhile - but last 2 quarters have been really lousy for serious investors of the stock. I would maybe buy in at these levels after the dust settles, but my intuition tells me that - at the rate stock options are being exercised - the only ones making money on this are the company officials and their lawyer.

      I also feel we have been burnt by the analysts covering this company. They sure have been off the mark on this one!!!


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      • atethegoose.
        while 2 cycles look bad, as a long I look at this as a buy opportunity.

      • I am now out of UT having lost a few 000's on 72.50 calls before the year end results when I fully expected good news. As you know I have always been concerned at both the options granted and even more so at the regularity of them being excercised. [I suppose this point is lost on the Officers of the Company! They have already "cleaned up"!]

        I will continue to follow this board for the quality of posters that appear here - so much better than for the other stocks I invest in, or watch.

        (By the way, still patiently waiting for NKTR to happen. Cramer single-handedly ruined the good news just when they were granted approval for Exubera by saying the company and the product were rubbish. Now all of a sudden he is recommending Buy and the activity has been ramped up. Amazing (and frightening) the influence one "mad" man can have!)


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