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  • holywallst holywallst Dec 5, 2013 6:08 PM Flag

    Maybe tomorrow I will play from the long side

    If this one shows as much strength tomorrow as it did today, maybe I will buy the dips tomorrow and sell the rips and daytrade it as a long, and then enter as a short next week at a higher level. Let's see, I am not sure yet as we don't know what tomorrow brings.

    This could be the real thing if they have cured cancer or it could be another pump and dump bio move in the making. Need to pay attention tomorrow to see what it is...

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    • Well, you asked earlier in the day whether this was the real thing or another pump and dump, and I tried to argue for the former. I would urge you to go back in the company archives and review their presentation to the analysts about six months ago. This may drop off a bit tomorrow, but I really don't worry about that. I once made a few grand shorting REGN after a major runup. One of my best investment decisions was covering that short when it went two bucks underwater. One of my worst decisions was not to go long. Trading gains are nice, butnyou can't beat compounded long term capital gains. I was impressed with your sangfroid today. But this is not OCLS - the last major post here before today was "Dead Board".

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      • You can't tell if it will dump yet, just because it held on today. Take a look at VNDA it poped almost 100% on about nov 11 and climed for 3 days and now look at it. I jumped in on the day of the pop and shorted at 13.55 and it went up to 15.65 before slowly droping below 10 today (I closed my short with almost a 10K profit). This stock with less than 4 dollars per share cash could very well dilute and it still has a way to go on the getting this to aproval. it could go higher but will take more good news to hold.

      • "This may drop off a bit tomorrow" you said, and you said you are not worried about that.

        Well, that bit off a drop can make for a great short daytrade, don't you think even if this company is the real thing with real great news, don't you think???

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