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  • bcsurvivor67 bcsurvivor67 Apr 8, 2014 1:10 AM Flag

    Childish Postings by the Ignorant


    Why is it when a biotechnology stock sinks, regardless of the cause, self-described 'shorts' jump on message boards with nasty language and claim they've been betting on a dip all along? It just doesn't make sense to me that they'd waste their time with such pablum. Mocking a company and its investors is somehow sport to these individuals who have grown brave behind a revisionist keyboard. Stop already! If you have something intelligent to say, do so, but the mindless ranting destroys your credibility. The fact that some go to the trouble of creating multiple account naming conventions so they can more and more absurdity, only speaks to their overall mindset. My hunch is they aren't real investors at all. Anyways, let's get to it, PBYI had a horrible day. It appears this was due, at least partially, to a misinterpretation of the I-SPY2 data as presented/interpreted at AACR. I could be wrong, but say this after reading two articles my husband sent me today. Let's see how the stock trades the next few days! In the interest of disclosure, my husband and I own the stock and have since the start of the company. Don't forget, Neratinib has numerous 'shots on goal' and 2014 is a particularly event-rich year. The grade 3/4 diarrehea toxicity issue appears to be substantially solved for future trial readouts could reflect better results due to that fact. The forthcoming NSABP data could in fact be a game-changer as well. Also, the adjuvant and initial basket study results (for several indications) should come in the next few quarters. Any reasonable combination of good news from these could be very positive for PBYI.

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    • franciscor Apr 8, 2014 2:37 AM Flag

      well said bcsurvivor. I have a suspicion that these "so called shorts" are actually longs who are just venting out in frustration and anger in childish ways after loosing lots of money. It's really sad. I took huge losses in both PBYI and CLDX in the past couple of months. Having my IRA go from $210k down to $150k does hurt, but hey thats how things go sometimes. you win some and you loose sum. I gotta learn how and when to sell and buy back in again. Kind of wish I would of sold when both PBYI and CLDX were at their all time highs, but then, this whole investing is a life long learning process and i still consider myself a newb in biotech investing.

      I noticed your screen name "bcsurvivor" does it stand for breast cancer survivor? If it does congrats on kicking cancers butt....My father is a skin cancer survivor, and i lost an uncle to lung cancer (he never smoked) and a cousin to ovarian cancer. It's why i decided to invest in biotech stocks dealing with cancer therapies, to help these companies financially develop drugs that will help save lives and of course make some pocket changed while doing so. I also registered myself as a bone marrow donor with Hopefully one day ill get that call and be told I'm a match for someone. Helping someone beat cancer would be worth more to me than the money i make in these biotech stocks....

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