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  • stock_boson stock_boson Aug 6, 2004 11:20 AM Flag

    Many Stocks Down Today..

    .. both Nas & Dow are down.

    ISO (Hahahaha) is down more than half as much as SCON (in percentage loss) even though no news. (Do you think ISO is finished??)

    SCON is down in low volume -- what does it mean? It means that some impatient traders , swing-traders etc., don't want to wait a year for the investment to mature.

    As I am fond of reminding people -- traders beat up on each other. The only way they can win as a group is if they can get the investors to get involved in trading type activities (market timing). If they can't manipulate the investors through greed or fear, then for every trader that wins, one loses.

    All this breast-beating and gnashing of teeth by the bashers today is just a lot of noise to drum up some trading business. I would say they are not doing so good. A few pennies movement on a few hundred thousand shares traded -- no wonder every-so-often one of them loses it and "goes postal!"

    (I pity those poor fools. It must be a hard way to pay the bills.)

    Hahahaha! (Don't sell any until $10 or Dec '05.. whichever comes first!)


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