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  • aikifredicist aikifredicist Feb 7, 2007 5:20 PM Flag

    Todays run-up?

    Any adult out there with an intelligent comment regarding todays trading. Perhaps related to today's management's defensive 8K. I really don't have time to sort through all this silly name calling and dross.

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    • No I'm notconfusing I see nothing but RED, RED RED RED RED! Any green is immaterial because it's all manipulation...

      I bought my ISO in early January 2000. Paid around $2.39 for the first batch and then loaded up on the 11th at $1.75

      Made my first large sale on 17 February at $8.21 which more than made up my original cost...played it all through 2000 and 2001 and beyond....made lots of money...I didn't try to be greedy. Kept a core holding in case it took off...but it has been fairly static...unlike SCON which has literally nose dived.... When ISO peaked at $39 on 29 February 2000, SCON peaked at over $1200 (r/s adjusted)...Clearly SCON has had the much greater fall! So my friend,unlkike you and the rest of the SCON_MORON_BOAFs I made money....I'm an assholes are gamblers...and losing ones at that! Since my predictions are just that...we'll have to wait and see whose right....OF course I will be the guys have failed time after time....

      I don't think you're celebrating as I write this....and the downward trend will continue....particularly after the CC.... I don't lie and I don't take advantage of anybody. Only you pumpers are the ones trying to take advantage with your hyperinflated overly optimistic statements about this losing company!

      And nobody believes that shit about Hawaii fool! LOL! LOL! LOL!

    • Thanks for the largely restrained comments. It appears that beyond the usual speculation no one has a knows precisely what is happening with the stock at this point. We'll just have to wait for the cc.

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      • You don't really expect to LEARN anything from the CC do you? All yo uwill hear are excuses why things didn't happen and gross exagerations (protected by safe harbor)about the future.... SCON will be lucky to break $20 Million this year and will probably be down %20 from last year...ISO on the other hand is up 50% from last year(2005)...and last year they were up almost %300 from the year before.... whereas in 2005 SCON was up only 5% from the year before...

        Face it, SCON is a loser on a clear downward trend....even SCON management acknowledges their continued decreases in HTS sales...and HTS is the only unique offering that SCON has.....the rest are simply "me too" products... You should take a lesson from greyarea0 and get out!

    • Simple, this stock is probably worth about 40 cents pre-RS. So that equats to about $4. About a $48 million cap.
      And with any great news, a run to $6 it very doable. (60 cents)

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      • Ragmannag as usual, we find you offering watered down half truths , Seems like a few short days ago it was all going down for SCON, 6.00 dollars up you say is a possibility, well buddy ,I think you might be just a tad conservative in your predictive powers since you have been a basher here as a motoite in drag for a long time.I know SCON's recent action is very scary and depressing for you all. as for upside
        try 20.00 to 40.00 and then all bets are off, Buyout,maybe but this still leaves us plenty of room for a stellar runup simular to 2000 . There are some shorters asses smarting
        over the action here for the past week or two.
        1. 3rd qtr.CC most positive ever a MSA with Cingular (think Iphone) and mention of international sales ,
        2.Texas instruments comes sniffing around.
        3.A very heavy JDSU gun executive joins the board.
        4. a pasel of BIG buys at the close of the market for quite a few days sans news(this smacks of the leakage of GOOD news)).
        5. Production cost slashed and full employment.
        6. volitility increases to the upside.
        7.A geometric progression of demand for wireless data and video by customers for band width is moving this market.
        8.The Board moves to protect themselves and options in case of hostile or friendly take over with issuance of form 8.
        9. SCON begins climbing and busts the 100 day average signaling the doldrums are over and renewed interest in the movement is popping up on screens of the major investment houses and momentum players .
        10. The ISOites bashers back off in the face of 100% gains all except except for R2 and we know where this braggart dildo is coming from.can you say contra-indicator via his shrillness
        11.SCON adds a crackerjack expensive new web site, not the actions of a distressed company
        12. SCON's parkintg lot has been full for 4-5 months denoting full production.
        13. A successful R/S makes SCON very attractive to newbies with a very low 12 million issue, compare this to ISO w/280 million floating around waiting buyers that fail to bite.

        I'm very sure that you all have even better reasons for accumulating at this time but needless to say things have brightened considerably here.
        Great good luck.....Tech.
        PS I have added an 1 ea. obsolete ISO RF2 filter from the quick sale dump on E-bay to my Techjunkyard of obsolete technologies.
        so ISO will be remenbered by visitors.I for one am going to try to be kinder to these lost souls.well most of them anyhow. ROTFLMAO


    • R2, I have you figured out ,your color blind ,your confusing
      Red and green , I guess you haven't figured it out yet , Such a BS artist you are ,sure you made so much money on ISO riding it all the way up from .28 to .32 WOW!!!! And that has Taken you 3 years....double WOW!!!!! You brag insessently on how wealthy you are ,Sure buddy but we can smell a wannabe investing success everytime you open your trap. You talk about your beautiful wife .....Any intellegient self respecting woman would walk across the street just to pass you by. You cannot point to any of your predictions regarding this position as accurate. You have never stopped
      snapping your jaws needlessly, 24 hours a day , rumor has it that you are a retired greeter at a south Illinois WallyWorld.
      In Hawaii we have a word for wannabe people like you ....PELAU..
      it means an untrustworthy braggart,of little intelligence
      who lies constantly to try to take advantage of decent people. Your a sad case buddy with a vocabulary that consists mainly of such expressive phrases as "your an asshole buddy!".............Thank you for your absence...mentally
      and otherwise.
      BAWHAHAHAHAHA I'm celebrating like many longs today and your" schise" cannot make a dent but it will surely attract flies around you.

    • Ough shit buddy! If you want info you'll just have to sort...of course you could simply avoid posts by junky, ouch, and the stock_gambler...there's certainly no factual information in them. Lol!lol!lol!

    • I don't see anything intelligent coming from you!!!

      I believe this is pure manipulation...and I think that the four Kopp entities will be the beneficiaries....this will soon fall back to the lowly depths....where it truly belongs!

    • I'm hoping for the best here too, but is there any possibility that the delay in the CC could be related to options backdating/i.e. a re-statement of financials? Dang, I am just dying to see some information here!

    • Fred , a rumor on another a few weeks ago had texas Instruments sniffing around , SCON's poison pill would prevent a hostile takeover until the proxies all come in ,
      more likely that the news of the coming CC will be outstanding...........

    • aiki,
      Could be from the 8k and they're speculating on a merger/etc. since an 8k like that, change of cotrol/involuntary termination of officers, usually preceeds it.

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