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  • seeuoutside seeuoutside Feb 7, 2007 8:59 PM Flag

    Todays run-up?

    time may indeed prove you right, but you are only guessing, just like everyone else here...

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    • Seeyou, even having a conversation with R2 about this position is a collossal waste for your time If you haven't figured by now that every big increase in share price here is another nail in his precious but non productive ISO's coffin, this is why he despritely haunts here bashing constantly and pretending he knows what is going on . Some of us saavy investors came back in near the bottom and have put away a clean 50% profit already and had alerted the ISOites before every move up by SCON and that SCON is now nowhere near its storyed rises . I expect a CC announcement next tuesday if the Mgmt. follows it's normal course of affairs, and the CC will be 8-10 days after. it will be chase chase for a good while now I expect.
      I know a bit of what is going on here and with the shares I hold expect this shot to be my once in a lifewtime pick as I have followed faithfully it's ups and downs , I can truthfully say I have never been more positive. These idiot bashers are near having coniptions (ceasures) these days as their hope dies a little more daily , good luck to you .....Tech

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      • Its really hysterical they bash away while sitting on the sidelines. Ill say it once again to aggravate the bashers i told everyone it was the calm before the storm the exact day it took off, they laughed and said oh well ya better get out at 2.04 its just a pump and dump. Well LOL its 2.57 at close today LOLOLOL.

        You know what tech im sure they have a bit of SCON shares now as well even though they will never tell. Even bashers can make some money if they would have taken all our advice, especially when we said it was gonna go up after shelton bought and the MSA was announced. No but they laughed then when it was like a 1.40 and our resident basher said it was gonna go down to a dollar and even bet that it would. Oh well its 2.57 today their loss not mine, too bad.

      • tech, you are right, it did not take long for me to figure out who the intelligent posters are around here. I appreciate your input. I am long SCON, but I admit that it is mostly speculation...though market conditions in wireless providers could be a big primer. Here's hoping so. I think we will have a good idea after the CC, eh?

      • Junkie_moron your statement makes absolutely no sense....I have no idea why you keep bringing ISO into the discussion....ISO and SCON are no longer competitors....ISO has a new market and they are doing very well....SCON is trying to sell the same old shit and they aren't doing very well!

        I could sell all my ISO tomorrow (making further profit) and I would still post here about the ills of SCON....the only problem is that you morons have lost all sense of judgement about this POS of a are doing nothing but deluding the meantime I'm having a ball showing the world what stupid assholes you all are! lol! lol! lol!

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