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  • mask_ipx_spx mask_ipx_spx Aug 17, 2012 3:31 PM Flag

    I contacted Investor Relations

    Yeah, about 16:30 in the cc Jeff states the same.

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    • ACtually that is not correct.. JQ does not make any such statement at aroudn 16:30. At that time he is answering the question from Peter Conrad of Kapp Investments whose question is solely about the SDP process equipment. And JQ indicates in his reply that they already have adequate template from their existing machines...

      I really do recommend you go back and listen again to exactly what was said.... I don't know if my earlier post on the time-line with Questions and answers survived the thread deletions cause by the "fool", but if it did, use it when you listen and you will see that I gave and accurate account (not necessarily word for word, but accurate).

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      • You are correct, they were discussing the delay of the new SDP will have no impact on the schedule to deliver the samples for the demo cable project.

        The major events will be the shipment of the wire, then the construction and verification of the cable are the milestones.

        If these objectives are met, the large cable manufacture STI is working with will, IMO, supply the funding for full large scale production starting at 100m, then 1km.

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