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  • sconroller sconroller Dec 11, 2012 5:36 PM Flag

    I used to teach at MIT

    Both R2D2 and Thinklike #$%$ need to get a cheap room and quit clogging our board with their mindless rants. Neither know even fundamental principles of HTS wire. LOL!

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    • Thanks for the detailed analysis of how all this should come together for SCON in the near term. Let's hope that you are "spot on."

      Again, JQ said during 2d Qtr Q&A that he'd tell us when the samples had been completed. Of course, he also said during that CC that he had confidence in the 10M-machine process...a statement he backed away from during the 3d Qtr call. My take was that he was simply being honest: he and the rest of Mngmt were confident the substitute process would suffice, but they had lost that confidence after 60-90 days of frustration.

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    • Hmmm I guess MIT in your case stands for Mindless Idiots of Technology! And that really fits you!

    • LMAO!!! Hey everyone, sconroller stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night!!! Aren't you impressed?

      To the retired Artillery Colonel - I'm sure my sarcastic ways aren't your cup of tea but I ask you which intel is of more value to you:

      - the kind that says a, b & c could go wrong and we need a contingency plan


      - the kind that says don't worry about those things sir, we have the best plan in place, everything will be ok

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      • I know a thing or two about contingency planning. Not only could a,b,&c go wrong...they HAVE gone wrong these past two years. China JV went south; 3G telcom business evaporated; and SCON churned through the MDB PIPE funding with little/nothing to show for it (except more PowerPoint slides). Now the company is 3-4 months behind schedule w/the wire samples.

        So we shareholders are left w/little or no margin for error going forward. I agree w/your weekend funding projections. Santa needs to bring JQ a deal w/some up-front cash/cost-sharing.

        It takes a lot to offend me; but experience has taught me there's a fine line between freedom-of-expression and showing one's a*#.

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    • I'm trying my best to ignore all as background clutter--too difficult to distil pearls of wisdom from all the muck. Where are we at with the samples? Only thing that matters.

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