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  • mask_ipx_spx mask_ipx_spx Jan 11, 2013 3:10 AM Flag

    100m project

    SCON previously announced it had received all three machines to produce 100m commercially. Wonder if they made the 100m EO2012 project commitment. Haven’t seen a press release, or must we wait for March’s earning call ?

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    • My take was that all 3 machines would be installed & operational by would expect another 30-45 days delay. Of course, we don't know how many, if any, samples were completed satisfactorily with the alternate process

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      • Listening to Quiram it seems some interested partys had payed to 'wait less time' for samples to become available for their evaluations. Samples produced by means the 'cable demonstration' partner had been supplied their first short lengthes for evaluation. And the new machines patented improvements engineered in, quality controlled 100m output achieved, will output longer lengthes as required adjustments and refinements are identified and addressed . If more interested partys (a CC questioner had Quiram distinguish they weren't just folks looking for something to play with in the lab) are receiving samples to their specification leading to varied demand and the 'cable demonstration' partner uses wire off the production line which would fill large run orders I am okay with that. A 'cable demonstration' built with new line output accomplished validates the suite of machines producing suitable lengthes for SFCL application in addition to supplying the 'cable demonstration' lengthes. And the small run facility keeps SCON relevant to other interested partys in the market whose various spec'd sample requests can be fulfilled instead of being asked 'their patience' while all SCON output is purposed in a limit-stretching task providing 'cable demonstration' lengthes yesterday. A problem arising from the limit pushing of the small scale line helps no one. Obliging other interested partys reveals their requirements, which known, may be of use developing new machines utilization. And producing the 'cable demonstration' wire from the new line will provide initial benchmarks regarding time required, waste, maintenence downtime, inhouse wire quality control. Many relevant things to business model delivering superior product that pushing the sample machines for the Calendars sake would not reveal.

      • Indeed we don't know what was done using the "10 meter" line (which STI indicated at some point could produce 50 meter lengthes), but my guess is that line doesn't have the yield capability that the new machine does. If it did, then STI would have started last January when the initial PR announcing the cable demo was released and they would have been done in the 3rd quarter. You have to ask yourself why didn't they do it that way? Easy answer, they didn't have the confidence that the 10M line could do it and were banking on the 100 Meter line...until it was delayed...poor management decision...they needed to cover all their bases and have a back-up plan...just in case...and they didn't. Please also remember that the "fool" insisted all along that STI planned to use the 10 M line...UNTIL I pointed out the content of their PR that indicated they intended doing it all in Austin...then the "fool" CHANGED his claim. insisting that he had said that all along...just like his predicition that the demon cable would be between 10 & 30 meter, then 30 meter, then back to 10-30 Meter. The "fool" is constantly changing his position, whenever his position is shown to be faulty or inconsistent. The only position that the "fool" has that has not changed is the location of his head! That's squarely between his two cheeks up his #$%$! LOL! LOL! LOL!

    • I see earnings are to be reported 4-Mar versus 30-Mar last year.

    • Announcing the completion of deliveries would merely emphasize how late SCON was/is. I think we won't hear anything until the cable manufacturer has results about the quality/capability of the demo cable and the timing of that announcement will be an indicator of just how late SCON was.

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      • I note that STI has advertized on Craigs List for a "Senior Manager, Product Line Management, Superconducting Wire -- Austin, TX

        The Role

        The primary responsibility of STI's Product Line Manager for our Superconducting Wire Division is to ensure the profitable growth of the Conductus® product line in the global market.

        You will be the product competitive expert and primary advocate for our Conductus® product line. You will also be responsible for business planning, product strategy; roadmaps and product line P&L. Taking charge of new product introductions, positioning, pricing strategies, deal support and negotiation, and the delivery of training and tools to support Sales.

        Reporting to the Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, you will become an integral part of the Business Development team, which includes Product Management, Product Marketing, Marketing Communications and Application Engineering. While you will not manage any direct reports, there are numerous internal resources available to support your efforts.

        Pivotal to your success will be your project management skills. While the role involves a mix of high-level strategic thinking and technical work, you'll need to coordinate across functional lines, acting as the entrepreneurial advocate for the Conductus Superconducting Wire product by influencing and motivating others."

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