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  • jb0thoo7 jb0thoo7 Feb 19, 2013 3:12 PM Flag

    THe idiot speaks. LMFAO !! r2d2 bought at $ 4.20 YES FOUR DOLLARS 20 PENNIES. Now just the 20 pennies are left


    for that big mouthed moron. He actually posted that "SCON cannot go bankrupt". He is beaten to a pulp by the board and goes into hiding. Now, the fool comes out as he gets his brains beat in like a new born sconroller pumping. Hummmmmmmmmmm.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Now now jb0 up to you usual lies. e.g youv'e never accepted my bet that you can't prove I ever bought at any amount and SCON hasn't been @$4.20 in years. That amount has changed many times..most recently @$4.19 and before that it was 3.68 or something like that.

      I also never said that SCON couldn't go bankrupt. I asked a series of questions and none of you dummies have been able to answer. e.g. I asked how can they go bankrupt if they have no debt? I asked under what provision of the bankruptcy code were you predicting they would file if they did? Neither you or your cronies who are spamming the board with all of your lies and fabrications could answer a question. You are all morons!

    • I think he takes the cake for the most miserable message board poster I have ever read. Must have made some horrible decisions in his life to get to be that miserable. I think I'd be pretty mad too if I invested over $4. I think he will be much happier when SCON is bankrupt, so that will end this long painful chapter in his life.

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