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  • doublej7844 doublej7844 Feb 20, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

    It appears

    You won't hear anything from the company for another 2 weeks. That's two more weeks of cash burning up with nothing to show for it. If they had enough cash through January and raised another 3 million issuing stock, how much longer until they need to raise more cash? It is INEVITABLE.

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    • SCON normally releases a press release prior to their CC calls. They need something positive to talk about. I expect some news.......good or bad.

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      • Also, I don't think they will send a bad PR press. They will share the bad news in the CC. (but of course you will hear lots of optimism and maybe a little talk about financing future operations, such as "we're looking into stuff like that" Kinda like the way the CEO mentioned that so casually during the Q&A in the last CC. Then three weeks later, they hose shareholders. They will do it again.

      • While I would normally agree with you (from what I've seen this stock often spikes on some kind of news early in the year), I think this time is different. The company needs more cash and it doesn't look like they will be able to offer more stock, because of the 1.00 deficiency notice for 1 year now. If they are banking on "funding" with mysterious "partners", those partners would not strike a deal in SCONs favor, they would have them by the BA((((LLS))). This is the predicament SCON is in. AND this all assumes they were able to get the wire perfect, which is a risk. I think a PR could come at any time, but why hasn't it come already. There should have been one at the end of December, but they did the offering when they realized they couldn't make the 100 meter wire commitment. I have my doubts about them able to create wire with the three new machines. Seems like a lot of potentials to go wrong. This is not investing, this is pure gambling and each week that goes by, makes the big payout less likely. Gamble if you want (fine with me) but don't listen to readthisnow, sconroller, japan, captech investor, calwick, because they are all scammers. Good luck.

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