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  • jebong9 jebong9 Apr 26, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

    Pick one - SCON or AMSC

    These two fall in "dog with fleas" category. Which one to buy? Anyone...

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • It appears AMSC has a head start on this as STI can't produce HTS wire, much less HTS cable.


      This Navy ManTech effort to develop a manufacturing process for HTSDG is required to ensure successful full-scale implementation on a future surface combatant.

      The Navy Metalworking Center (NMC) is conducting a project to improve the manufacturability of the High Temperature Superconducting Degaussing (HTSDG) system that will be implemented on a future surface combatant. The HTSDG system, which is replacing legacy copper cable, neutralizes the ship’s inherent magnetic field.

      One of the project goals is to develop a process for an efficient, robust, repeatable solder joint connection in key areas where joint visibility is restricted and minimal heat must be used. The Integrated Project Team (IPT) will also develop a high-yield process for cabling the uniquely shaped High Temperature Superconducting wire that is more conducive to the production quantities that will be seen when the technology is transferred to future surface combatants. Initially, the IPT will optimize current manufacturing processes, but they will also investigate more efficient alternative processes.

      Depending on the nature of the improvements, manufacturing solutions will be implemented at the HTSDG system vendor, AMSC, or through an identified industry vendor. In addition to reduced labor-hours required to assemble an HTSDG cable, additional benefits include increased HTSDG system reliability; reduced lead times that will mitigate schedule risk to the Navy; and increased HTSDG cable capacity.

      Select manufacturing improvements will be implemented on a future surface combatant as they are proven over the course of the project. The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division (NSWCCD); AMSC; and NMC are participating in this project.

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      • So unmasked fool...tell us how AMSC is doing on the delivery of that huge wire order for Korea? Do you have any information? Wow that article is interesting lots of interesting words.. like ...system that WILL be implemented on a FUTURE..combatant." I wonder what year that is 2120? ONE of the project goals is to DEVELOP a process (GEE STI already has a process...and they want to DEVELOP one). "...will ALSO DEVELOP a HIGH-YIELD PROCESS.." what they need to develop an second process too? "Depending upon the NATURE of the improvements.." Gee they don't even know what kind of improvements they're looking for.. then the finale "" Select (BUT WHICH ONES?) manufacturing improvements will be implemented..." IMHO, the safe harbor provisions have a lot more certainty than these statements... I'm sure the unmasked idiot]o is prepared to invest his life savings into this least what little he has left after his SCON losses!

        Once an idiot...always an idiot..unmasked certainly is a consistent idiot!

    • Neither, if one doesn't want fleas, don't sleep (invest) with those that have.

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